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What is the cloud?

• Network of servers, each server performs a different function(some deliver and some perform)
• Share resources and technology across multiple users.
• Microsoft defines a public cloud as a web based service hosted outside your organization.


What are some of the advantages of Cloud services?

• Scalability: The ability to continue functioning as the application or product changes in size or volume in order to meets user needs.
• Elasticity: Is the degree which a system can adapt to workload changes by provisioning or deprovisioning resources automatically.


What is the public cloud?

A public cloud as a web-based service that is hosted outside of your organization.


What is private cloud?

Contained within the corporate network and is controlled by the corporate IT department.


What is a hosted private cloud?

is provided by a third-party company but is accessible only by users within a specific organization.


What is a hybrid cloud?

Is a cloud-computing environment in which the organization provides and manages some of the resources in-house and a third party provides the hosted servers for the organization externally.