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Where is Dubai located?

United Arab Emirates, on the Persian Gulf Coast


Different activities that create conflict between stake holders?

Oil production, Fishing, Tourism, Property Development


How does Oil production create conflict in Dubai?

-Oil important for UAE economy, making up a third of the countries GDP
-Conflict between oil companies and conservationists, as oil pollution cause pollution in the Gulf.
-Take 5-8 years to flush out as the Gulf is semi-enclosed body of water.
-Pollution of water causes conflict with the fishing industry and affect fish stocks.


How does fishing cause conflict in Dubai?

-Problem as there are no quotas set to limit fish caught.
-Tourist demand strains fish stocks.
-Illegal drift nets affect the hawksbill turtle.
-Conflict with Environmental Research and Wildlife Development Agency (ERWDA) and the fishing industry.


How does tourism cause conflict in Dubai?

-In 2007, 7 million hotel guests in Dubai expected to rise to 14 million in 2015.
-Conflict with tourists and conservationists as there will be an increase more sewage and litter, more erosion of the coastline.
-Four-wheel drive vehicle excursions damage turtle nesting beaches.


How does property development cause conflict?

-The Palms and Waterfront construction damage coastal habitat.
-Built on land reclaimed from the Persian Gulf using material dredged from the seabed.
-Conflict with property developers and conservationists.


An environmental impact assessment is used for?

Determining the environmental consequences of a development project


The EIA that was done in Dubai?

-Undertaken for a proposed combined power station and desalination plant at Hassyan in Dubai.
-They found a number of issues:Seawater quality changes
-Modification or loss of coastal habitiats
-Loss of the Jebel Ali Wildlife Sanctuary


What is a cost-benefit analysis?

Allows the costs and the benefits of any development to be assessed.


What is a value analysis?

Examining the viewpoints of different stakeholders


The value analysis that was done in Dubai?

-Viewpoints of stakeholder considered, but decision mostly based on huge increase of demand for water. Can supply 260m gallons/day, expected to increase to 800m gallons/day in 2015. Desalination able to provide an extra 600m gallons/day