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Granny Smiths Cider Apple Sour

10 mls Apple Liqueur
10 mls Sugar Syrup
10 mls Egg White
20 mls Lemon Juice
30 mls Apple Juice
30 mls Grannysmith Apple Cider
45 mls Ketel one Vodka

METHOD: Shake very well and pour over a Cider Ice Sphere and ice cubes.

GLASS: Old fashioned.

GARNISH: Apple fan x3.
2 straws.


Elderflower & Lychee Breeze

2-3 pieces of Ginger. 15 mls Elderflower Cordial.
1-2 Kaffir Lime Leaves. 45 mls Ketel one.
2 Lychees. 60 mls Apple Juice.

METHOD: Muddle fruit,
add ingredients, shake quickly & strain
cap with crushed ice

GLASS: Highball

GARNISH: Kaffir Lime Leaf.


Champagne and Strawberry Martini

Dash Sugar Syrup
20 mls Crème De Fraise
40 mls Strawberry Purée
45 mls Kettle One

METHOD: Shake & double strain

GLASS: Coupet

GARNISH: Champagne emulsion.
3x dehydrated
strawberry wheels.


Laneway Flip

1 Egg White
2 drops Dandelion Bitters
20 mls Sugar Syrup
40 mls Averna (amaro)
150 mls bottle of stout

METHOD: Dry shake Guinness.
Add ing. Shake well.

GLASS: Glass Footed Mug

GARNISH: Dust Nutmeg


Smokin Tiki Punch

2 dashes of bitters
10 mls Sugar Syrup
20 mls Passionfruit Purée
20 mls Apricot Brandy
40 mls Pineapple Juice
40 mls Pamparo

METHOD: Dry ice in tiki mug
Put all ingredients into shaker, shake.
T/up tiki mug with ice.
Pour into tiki mug.

GLASS: Tiki mug.

GARNISH: Mint sprig.
Stripped straw.


Bubblegum Sour

Dash of Egg white.
15 mls Sugar Syrup.
20 mls Lemon Juice.
25 mls Bubblegum Syrup.
45 mls Ketel one Vodka.

METHOD: Shake and Strain into old fashioned.
Cap with crushed ice.
Drizzle bubblegum over top.

GLASS: Old Fashioned.

GARNISH: Lemon wedge
Cap w/crushed ice.
Bubblegum Stick.
2x stripped staws.


Smoked "BBQ" Mary

45 mls Bacon infused Vodka
Top with BBQ Mary Mix

METHOD: shake and strain.

GLASS: highball.

GARNISH: Crisp bacon.
tomatoes roll in black pepper and salt.


Laneway Mule

45 mls Ketel one
Top with house made ginger beer

METHOD: build.

GLASS: Copper mug- brown paper bag.

GARNISH: lime wedge.
Stripped straw.


Smoked Boulevardier

30 mls Campari
30 mls Sweet Vermouth
50 mls Bourbon

METHOD: Build over dry ice and stir.
Smoke and serve with 2x orange peels.

GLASS: Old Fashioned.

GARNISH: 2x Orange twists
Black pepper twist


Spiced Agave Margarita.

10 mls Cointreau
30 mls Spiced Agave Syrup
30 mls Fresh Lime Juice
45 mls Spiced Don Julio
Twist of pepper

METHOD: shake and double strain

GLASS: Coupette

GARNISH: half chilli salt rim
Lime wheel
Twist of pepper


Kentucky Punch

10 mls Apple liqueur
25 mls Elderflower
50 mls Bulliet
60 mls Apple juice

METHOD: 3/4 fill glas with ice
Shake and strain
Top with crushed ice.

GLASS: schooner

GARNISH: lime wedge
Apple fan