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NHLBI announcement on cholesterol guidelines in 2013,

Will no longer published guidelines for clinical practice including cholesterol levels recommendations to prevent CV Events


AHA - American Heart Association and the ACC- American Collage of Cardiology agreed to partner with NHLBI to asume the governance of management of CV prevention in US.

New guidelines on cholesterol, CV risk assessment, obesity, lifestyle, and HTN, to meet recommendations from the IOM for practice guidelines process.

The ACC/AHA guidelines for Tx of cholesterol to reduce artherosclerotic cv risk based on limited RCT's random control trials


New paradigma in cholesterol management

Early identification of subliminal disease
Use of inflammatory bio markers to help determine if CVD risk has indeed been identified and mitigated


Guidelines Controversy :

1. How to best start statin Tx, moderate vs high intensity statin therapy in certain specific population
2. Many question of practitioners, are not addressed at all RCT


The ACC/AHA colesterol guidelines are not endorse by

NLA, national lipid association


Fails of the ACÁ/AHA guidelines as NLA

Fail to
1. include clinical evidence from other types of research,
2. go far enough in addressing gaps in clinical care,
3. Fail to provide evidence of the removal of low density lipoprotein cholesterol ldl-c and non high density lipoprotein cholesterol non HDL-C lipid target and
4. Fails to provide information related to other therapeutic
options for patient on high dose statin who still exhibit high residual risk


American association of clinical endocrinologist tampoco endorse the guidelines

Incompatibilities of the new guileless with their own,
Less data used,
Disagree with the removal of ldl targets