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What is this commission about regarding the Anglo-Russian hospital?

i was asked to edit footage of an event commemorating the centenary of the founding of the Anglo-Russian hospital in St Petersburg in 1916.


What did you produce for the Big Bus company?

The CEO wanted a video made of key messages for internal communications roadshows/events. I produced a video and out it into a PowerPoint presentation .


Do the Big Bus want any more work done?

Apparently they are interested in me helping them with some videos for e-learning training


Have you been given any other commissions?

I have been asked to film interviews with members of the Cambridge Miners Support Group about their memories of the Miners Strike in 1984-5


I notice you have been asked to do some more work on family history - whats this about?

After I worked on some of our family history videos I was asked to prepare a video about another family history. (This family built up a big medical instrument business) I have also been asked to produce a video about a typical year in the family's life that they can show to the Grandmother who is in a nursing home


What did you do at Essex County Cricket Club?

I attended a press conference along with a professional photographer to see what it was about. They have asked if I would film the next one that they have and create a short film for their website.


What would your boss say about you at the cleaning job.

He or she would say I was diligent and hardworking. I was punctual despite unsocial hours and had good attendance. I received positive feedback about being reliable and flexible.


Why did you leave your cleaning job?

I left because I wanted to focus on setting up my own business and working on the commissions I was getting.


Have you set up your own business?

Yes I have only just recently set up a company called 'Distilled Media ' It is early days but I am hoping to build up the commissions


What have you been doing at Anglia Ruskin University?

I undertook 2 modules of the Audio and Music Technology BSc focused on studio production. I achieved a 2:1 in studio practice.


What did you do at Long Road 6th Form college?

I took a Cambridge technical diploma in media. I attained an overall MM with 3 distinctions.


Who commissioned the film about St Petersburg Anglo-Russian hospital ?

It was commissioned by the son of one of the nurses who worked there.


Why was the film about St Petersburg Anglo-Russian hospital commissioned?

It was commissioned in order to be played at an event in London marking the centenary of the hospital. The event was attended by the minister of Culture, Media and Sport.


Did you get a music commission as well?

I was commissioned to record some singing and to mix in backing instruments recorded on different occasions. This was listened to by the Director of the English Pocket Opera Company who has asked for my help in some of their future projects.


What have you done in your gap year?

I got a job as an early shift cleaner at Kelsey Kerridge and I worked hard to improve my technical skills. I also worked on my own You Tube channel.


How did you try to improve your technical skills during your gap year?

As well as doing several modules of the Audio and Music Technology degree, I enrolled for adult education courses, attended a number of workshops and taught myself using You Tube tutorials etc.


What technical skills have you been learning?

I have worked on improving photography, website design, graphic design, word press, photo-shop, illustrator etc


Why have you applied for this course?

I think it sounds a really innovative course. I like the fact that the course will be as close as possible to working in the real world of a production company. I want to work within a media production environment so I think this will give me fantastic experience and help me get a better job in the long term.


What are your ambitions?

I am interested in doing an HE course.


How do you feel about the fact that a high level of attendance at the college is needed?

I understand that the course will be structured over 36 weeks and based on a 35 hour working week. I know this will suit me. The cleaning job showed me that I had no problem getting into a routine coming in at the same time every day and working hard. as well as that, every day, when I came home I would pick up working on my projects. I worked pretty solidly therefore from 6 in the morning to past 5 at night.


What is this course called?

Media Foundation Diploma


What qualification do you get?

A Foundation Diploma (at level 3 or 4) within our media production company.


What makes this course unique?

It seems a really dynamic course which gives you industry experience as well as a foundation diploma


What is the course content?

You will research, pitch, budget and create live projects that may include; film, TV, radio, animation, photography and graphic design. In fact you will learn how to be part of a media production company.


What are they type of skills you develop over the course of the year?

You will develop creative, business and enterprising skills over the course of one year.


What is the media learning company?

The Media Learning Company is modelled on the structure of a production company which means that you get real experience of what the industry is like.


How does the Media Foundation Diploma start?

The course starts with the exciting task of branding the production company.


Who are you mentored by on the Media Foundation Diploma?

You will be mentored by industry professionals including Eye Film & TV


What opportunities do you get on the Media Foundation Diploma

You get opportunities to work with a broad range of clients on real projects.


What partnerships have City College formed?

Apparently, City College Norwich have formed partnerships with Eye Film and Television, local businesses, charities and communities to secure video commissions for the student learning company.