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What is the Abrahamic covenant?

The covenant made between God and Abraham.


What did God wants the Jews to show the world?

God wanted them to show that God is the only God.


In the Abrahamic covenant, what three things does God promise?

Make of Abraham a great nation.

Make Abraham fruitful.

Give Abraham and his descendants a land to call their own.


In the Abrahamic covenant, what two things does Abraham promise?

Circumcise as a sign of the covenant.

Follow the mitzvot given to Abraham.


What did God give to Moses and why is it important?

God gave Moses 10 Commandments. This is important as it gives Jews a guide for living.


What is another name for The Ten Commandments?

The 10 sayings.


Which mountain did Moses retrieve the commandments from?

Mount Sinai.


How many rules in total did God give to Moses?

613 commandments.


What is a rule that shows how God is to be respected?

Do not worship false Gods.


What is a rule that shows how God cares about the Jewish people?

To give to Charity.


What is a rule that shows how God wants justice and fairness?

To not take revenge/not to take bribes/not to testify falsely.


What can breaking the covenant lead to?

Exile from the promised land.