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Describe the Contact Process

1. Sulphur burns in air to form SO2
2. SO2 is further oxidised to SO3 in the presence of vanadium (V) oxide
3. SO3 is dissolved in concentration H2SO4 to give oleum
4. Water is added to oleum
5. Concentrated H2SO4 formed


Ideal conditions for Contact Process

Temperature: 450 degrees
Pressure: 1 atmosphere
Catalyst: Vanadium (V) Oxide


Uses of SO2

- manufacture of sulphuric acid
- bleaching agent in wood pulp industry
- good preservative


Uses of sulphuric acid

- make detergents
- make fertilisers
- make pigments + dyes
- an electrolyte in car batteries


Raw materials in contact process:

Sulphur, air, water