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Definition of contaminated land?

Is any land to be in such a condition, by reason of substances in/on or under the land that
- significant harm is being caused or a possibility
- Pollution of controlled waters is happening or likely to happen


Land contamination

Potential to cause significant harm to ecosystems, humans, and pollution of controlled waters (GW, lakes rivers, coastal waters


Stages of risk assessment

1. Hazard identification - potential sources
2. Hazard assessment - potential for unnacceptable risks
3. Risk estimation - Magnitude and probability of the possible consequences.
4. Risk evaluation - Whether a risk is unacceptable.


WHat is the purpose of risk assessment

To develop and outline a conceptual model and establish if any potentially unacceptable risks to humans, ecosystems, property of controlled water that arise from potential contamination at the site.
Minimum submission required for a planning app.


What is a conceptual model

3d site characteristics and interaction with environment. Identifies all possible receptors and potential contamination and pathways. Also shows pollutant linkages. Takes into account current/proposed use.


What is a remediation strategy

Help manage your environmental liabilities. Ensure works cause no harm to environment + there is an accurate record of the works.


What are the stages of precautionary principle

First - soils damaged but no hazardous
Second - potentially adverse effects on organisms but values still tolerable
Third - Remediation level or cleanup. Need for either.


What are the Dutch Values

A - Reference level. Increase the quality of soil
B- Tolerance above which no biological/ecological damage observed. Monitor closely.
C - CLEAN THIS MOTHERFUCKER UP. lol jk its the intervention value. Cleanup is mandatory. Considers toxicology, local circumstances, soil type and spatial parameters.


What is CLEA

Contaminated land exposure assessment.
Computer model - long term human health assessment criteria for contaminated soil.
Only considers humans - doesn't include exposure to surface or groundwater.
1. Residential - with/without plant uptake
2. Allotments
3. commercial and industrial
(set ways you can take in pollutants)


What are SGV's

Soil guideline values. Does the contaminant pose a risk to humans or the environment. Gives intervention values.
They are derived using CLEA (contaminated land exposure assessment) and the model for 3 land uses (residential,allotments,commercial and industrial?


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