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Emergency Contraception Methods

Plan B - Levonorgestrel

Ella - Ulipristal

Copper IUD - most efficient, off label


PO Levonorgestrel

Plan B - synthetic progesterone

No need for pregnancy test or exam

No contraindications

SE: N/V, irregular bleeding, dizzy, fatigue, HA, breast tenderness

Effective up to 120 hours -> 2-3% failure rate

Ineffective after ovulation occurred, doesn't interrupt pregnancy


Copper IUD


MOA: interfere w/ fertilization or tubal transport

Prevent transplant by altering endometrial receptivity

Copper interferes w/ sperm transport to prevent fertilization

Great alternative to hormonal methods

SE: heavy menses, dysmenorrhea


Oral Contraceptive Pills

Suppress GnRH to prevent LH surge; suppress FSH to prevent ovulation

Stabilize endometrium; progesterone thickens cervical mucus

Higher dose estrogen for spotting, recurrent ovarian cysts, acne


OCP Preparations



Extended Cycle

Monophasic: no change in hormonal concentration throughout cycle

-usually start w/ these for younger or less compliant

Multiphasic: change in hormone concentration - biphasic or triphasic

Extended Cycle: take the same dose for 11 weeks then have period

-84/91 day cycle

-Seasonale, Introvale, Quasense


Starting OCP

Quick start: regardless of day of cycle

Sunday start: 1st sunday after period begins for 7 days

-Need backup method for above 2

Start on 1st day of menses

Progesterone-only pill (POP) - start in 1st 5 days of menses


Highest risk of becoming pregnant

Failure to start new patch/pack/ring after 7 days of being off



Contraceptive patch

Transdermal - 20 mg Ethinyl estradiol

Change patch every 7 days for 2 weeks straight



15 mcg estradiol & 120 mcg etonogestrel daily for 3 weeks straight


Progestin-only contraceptives & MOA

Depo medroxyprogesterone acetate

Progestin implant - Nexplanon

Progestin IUD - Mirena, Skyla

MOA: inhibit gonadotropin secretion, inhibits follicular maturation & ovulation, thickens cervical mucous, thins endometrium

SE: weight gain, decreased bone density - BBW


Progesterone Implants

Implanon/Nexplanon: 68 mg estronogestral rod in upper arm - lasts for 3 years

Jadelle: 2 levonorgestrel rods - lasts for 5 years


Progestin IUD/IUC

Lebonorgestrel - Mirena, Skyla

MOA: prevents fertilization w/ sterile inflammation from foreign body

May protect against endometrial cancer

SE: irregular bleeding, breast tenderness, acne, mood changes


Fertility Awareness Methods

Ovulation method: predict fertile time based on cycle length

Sympothermal: basal body temperature, cervical mucus used to track ovulation

Basal Body Temperature: increase 0.5-1.0 degrees F 2-3 days before