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A technician is trying to diagnose a laptop that is experiencing heavy artifact corruption and random loss of video during operation. Which of the following are most likely causes of this problem?

- Incompatible or untested video drivers have been installed
- Video drivers were not installed directly from Windows Update


What constitutes a valid IPv6 address

- 8 quartets
- numbers 0-9 & letters a-f


A customer needs to create a copy of a database on media, however, the file is 89GB. Which of the following format specifications can support the file size?

BDXL (BDXL supports 100 GB and 128 GB disks through triple and quadruple layer disks)


What should you check first after a user reports a BSOD, even though her computer seems to be running fine after reboot?

Device Manager (Check device manager since a driver error can cause a BSOD)


What is likely to be the subnet mask for a computer with an IP address that is the following:

- (and IP address with starting number 126 through 191 is almost certainly the old Class B)


List two items that can be found in BIOS?

- Services


Both CD and DVD drive speeds are based on multiples of the original CD-ROM drive speed. What is that speed?

- 150 KBps


A laser printer is producing completely blank sheets. Which of the following processes should the technician check first?

- Transfer


Which interface supports DRM?



You are rummaging through and old box of UTP cables. You want the cable that maxes out at 1 Gbps. Which one are you going to grab?

- CAT5e (Cat6 goes a maximum speed of 1000Mbps (1 Gbps) at 100 meters or 10000 Mbps (10 Gbps) at 55 meters)


If you want to utulize Wake on LAN (WOL), what two areas do you need to configure/verify to do so?

- WOL settings in CMOS
- NIC's Properties in Device Manager


What hexadecimal value is equal to 1100 in binary?

- C (1010=A; 1011=B; 1100=C; 1101=Device)


What is the correct boot sequence for a PC?

- Power good, CPU, POST, boot loader, OS


What type of printer uses carbon paper?

- Impact


Which of the following display types relies on CCFL backlights to display an image on the screen?