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Amels critera for

Bacterial Vaginosis

3/4 to diagnose

-pH >4.5
-20% clue cells on wet prep
-homogeneous nonclumping vaginal discharge
- (+) Whiff test, fishy odor after KOH is added to secretions


Centor Critera for


-Absence of cough
-swollen and tender anterior cervical lymph nodes
-Temp >100.4
-Tonsillar exudate
3-14 +1
15-44 0
>45 -1


How do you score the centor criteria

0-1: No antibiotic or throat culture necessary
2-3 points - culture and treat with an antibiotic if culture is positive
4 or 5 points - Empiric tx with antibiotics and culture


Chads score for

A. Fib

-CHF (1)
-Hypertension (1)
- Age >75 (1)
-Diabetes (1)
-Previous Stroke or Tia (2)


How do you interprete the CHAD score

2-6: Warfarin due to high risk of clot
1: Moderate risk, use warfarin or aspirin
0: low, aspirin



-CHF (1)
-HTN (1)
-Age >75 (2)
-DM (1)
-Stroke or TIA (2)
-Vascular Dz (1)
-Age 65-74 (1)
-Female (1)


How do you interpret the CHADS VASc

0: Do nothing
1: aspirin 81-325 mg or warfarin
2. Warfarin


HASBLED is risk of blood if you anticoagulate

-Uncontrolled >160 HTN
-Abnormal renal or liver function
-Stroke hx
-Bleeding hx
-Labile INR
-Age >65
-Priror alcohol or drug use or medications predisposing them to bleeding


How do you interpret the HASBLED score

look this up


if you need to hospitalize a patient with pneumonia

-Urea >7mmol/L or > 19 mg/dL
-Respiratory rate >30
-Blood pressure
systolic <90mmhg or
diastolic <60mmhg
-Age >65 yo


How do you score CURB-65

0-1: Home management
2: Hospital
3-5: Hospitalize immedietly


Who Criteria for Metabolic Syndrome

-glycemia is abnormal and 2 further criteria are met
-glucose intolerance, DM2 or insulin-resistance due to HOMA-IR
-BMI >30 and HWR >0.9M and W>0.85
-Tg >150mg/dL or HDL <45M and <39W
-On treatment for SAH or BP >160/90
-Microalbuminuria > 20mcg/min


Rotterdam Criteria for PCOS

-Biochemical/Clinical signs of hyperadrogenism
-Androsterione >245
-DHEA-S >248
-Acne, Hirsutism
-Polycystic ovaries: String of pearls on TVUS, 21+ follicles in each ovary

Diagnosis confirmed by 2/3 of the criteria in absence of other etiologies


Wells score for DVT

Paralysis, paresis or recent orthopedic casting of lower extremity (1)
Recently bedridden (more than 3 days) or major surgery within past 4 weeks (1)
Localized tenderness in deep vein system (1)
Swelling of entire leg (1)
Calf swelling >3 cm greater than other leg (measured 10 cm below the tibial tuberosity) (1)
Pitting edema greater in the symptomatic leg (1)
Collateral non varicose superficial veins (1)
Active cancer or cancer treated within 6 months (1)
Alternative diagnosis more likely than DVT: (-2)


How do you interpret the Wells Score for DVT

>3: High probability
1-2: Moderate
<0: Low


Wells score for PE

-Clinical signs and symptoms of DVT (3)
-Alternative diagnosis is less likely than PE (3)
-Heart Rate >100 BPM (1.5)
-Immobilization or surgery in previous 4 weeks (1.5)
-Previous DVT/PE (1.5)
Hemoptysis (1)
Maligancy (on tx or hx in last 6 months) (1)


How to interpret Wells score for PE

<2: Low probability
2-6: moderate
>6 high

<4: unlike PE
>4: likely PE


Pneumonia Severity Index

REview this im to lazy to type it out


ROME Criteria for IBS

-Recurrent abdominal pain or discomfort >3 days per month int he last 3 months associated with two or more of the following:
-Pain or discomfort improved after defecation
-Onset associated with a change in frequency of stool
- Onset associated with a change in form (appearanece or consistency) of stool. Alternating between diarrhea and constipation.

-Diagnosis of exclusion
-No evidence of an inflammatory, anatomical, metabolic or neoplastic process that could cause symptoms