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“As a gay man-“

“As a gay man, Tennessee Williams felt he was particularly sensitive to the status of women”


“Blanche DuBois and Stanley Kowalski-“

“Blanche DuBois and Stanley Kowalski both manipulate language and are both manipulated by language” - Samuel Tapp


“Stanley is as much...”

“Stanley is as much a victim of masculine ideology” - Samuel Tapp


“Blanche has become a social outcast...”

“Blanche has become a social outcast because she refuses to conform to conventional moral values. I’m revealing the truth about her scandalous past, Stanley strips her of her physical, sexual and cultural identity.”


“Blanche is a delicate...”

“Blanche is a delicate and sensitive woman pushed into insanity by a brutish environment presided over by chief ape man, Stanley Kowalski”


“Blanche DuBois is a victim...”

“Blanche DuBois Is a victim of the mythology of the Southern Belle” - Samuel Trapp


“Tennessee Williams once said...”

“Tennessee Williams once said that he considers Blanche liberated”


“In the final confrontation with the drunken Mitch…”

“In the final confrontation with the drunken Mitch, when he knows she’s not a virgin of his dreams, desires, she could use of him of being uncavalier”