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political rivalries information

-7,000-cadre conference jan 6th divisions between pragmatists and ideologues and where mao withdraws from public life
-1964 mao accused liu of taking capitalist road
-glf liu and deng willing to ideologically compromise
-mass rally clothes thing
-oct 1966 liu and deng sacked


counter evidence for political rivalries

not cause for red guard action. permanent revolution and four olds were the motivators for them so did not necessarily cause CR except it did


evidence it was permanent revolution

-concerned about loss revolution momentum, believed it was what went wrong in USSR and cause of stagnation
-believed mass mobilisation would prevent this
-wanted younger generation to be tested
-8 mass rallies, first aug 1966 1 million red guard attended


counter evidence for permanent revolution

-mass rallies used for political reasons as well, combat revisionism. later rallies aimed at liu and deng
-mao stopped red guard after January storm where they attempted to overthrow CCP so wanted controlled revolution. shut it down when he reumed power, would he have allowed it if he was in power the whole time?


evidence it was attacks on bureaucracy

-intellectuals and bureaucrats had been running the country since 1949
-intellectuals were the most critical of the glf
- mao was convinced that capitalist roaders were hijacking the party, convictions increased when liu and Zhou tried to calm student unrest in 1966
-if bourgeois attitudes were becoming established then thee party would have to be cleansed
-3 million cadres sent to may 7th revolutionary school
-CR purges intellectuals and specifically teachers


counter evidence for bureaucracy

-bureaucracy caused by pragmatists in the party making political rivalries still most important cause