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How was Joseph alexanders visit finished? What was foretold in the book of Daniel?

According to Joseph Alexanders visit was finished by a viewing of the book of Daniel which foretold the rise and conquest of Alexander. He was so pleased with this he spared the city.


Why aren't the books "minor" about the twelve prophets?

These books are not minor because they are of an lesser value, but because they are shorter than the major prophets.


What is the level of importance of the minor prophets?

Minor and major prophets are equal in importance


Who was Obadiah addressed to? Who was intended to read it?

Addressed to edom although Judah was intended as the primary readers of the book.


What does Joel call for in his book?

Joel calls for repentance. He does not mention specifics sins to repent from but calls for the rending of hearts as contrast to external show of torn garments.


What message is found in the book of Jonah?

That God is concerned for all the heathen nations even the worst and that Jehovah is the universal God over all the earth


How did Jesus use/compare Jonah?

Jonah is the only OT prophet that Jesus directly compared himself to (Matthew 12:38-41 )


What is the message in the book of Amos?

Justice is far more important to God than our worship


What is significant of Amos 8:11-12?

This passage is prophecy of the 400 yeas of prophetic silence between the final prophetic voice (Malachi) until John the Baptist


What is the message of Hosea?

Israel had been unfaithful to his covenant. As god commands Hosea to marry a prosititute who will give him children not his own, so god sees that Israel is an adulterous wife descending his marriage vow


What did Micah's prophecies sympathize with ?

Micahs prophecies sympathized entirely with the poorer classes and regarded God as the spiritual vindicator of Judah's voiceless suffered.


What did Zephaniah direct his blows to and exhorted his people to?

Religious syncretism a mixture of pagan worship and the worship of a God

And exhorted his people to seek meekness and righteousness promising that if they did all would be well


What is the message of Nahum?

He single-mindedly proclaims destruction and doom of Nineveh, the Assyrian capitol About 100 years before, at Jonahs preaching. The ninevites repented and were spared yet, soon after they became even worse Ethan ever.


Who and what is informed to Habakkuk?

Is informed by god
That the Babylonians would be his chanting rod on the nation's


What can we learn from the book of haggai?

From this book we can learn of the contagious nature of the sun of procrastination .


What apocalyptic look does the book of Zechariah give?

To the final consummation of God's eternal purpose in the glory of the Messiahs rule


What can we learn from the book of Malachi?

Of the work of John the Baptist (3:1. 4:5)