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what are the data protection act principles?

1. Fair and Lawful
2. Specific for the purpose
3. Be adequate and only for what is needed
4. Accurate and up to date
5. not kept longer than is needed
6. take into account peoples rights
7. keep safe and secure
8. not to be transferred outside of the EEA


Steps To Take When Collecting Data

1. make sure that the data being processed is valid
2. Ensure it is being collected for the correct purpose
3. The data cannot be used incorrectly
4. The data being processed has to be relevant to the purpose
5. Permission must be granted before the data is used
6. Confirm terms of use
7. Ensure data is accurate
8. Make sure data collection method is secure


Steps To Take When Storing Data

1. Has to be stored in specific location
2. only kept for needed time
3. encrypt it
4. don't pass data onto other people
5. keep records up to date
6. store securely


How much money can you be fined if you breech the laws?

20000000 euros or 4% of their annual global turnover


Who are the BBFC and what do they do?

they help children and families choose well by providing them with the guidance they need to help them choose what is right for them.


What products do the BBFC classify?

film, video and online content


What are the BBFCs guiding principles?

Help families choose suitable content, protect children from unsuitable content