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What is discovery?

This is the process of gathering information in preparation for trial.


What is a case management conference?

This is where parties plan there discovery and limit expert witness.


What are depositions?

This is an oral examination of a person/witness/litigant, where you take their testimony.


What is a subpoena duces tecum?

This is a request for documents at the deposition. A list of materials that should be brought with the person who is being deposed.


Who can you take a deposition in front of?

Notary, judicial officer, court-appointed or person authorized by statutes to take them. Or anyone you stipulate to except parties relative, EE, or lawyer.


How do you use a deposition in court?

You use it just like the person is in court and testifying at the time.


When can you use a deposition in court?

When the person is dead, withness lives over 100 miles away, age infirmity, can't get them to attend, expert witness,


What are interrogatories?

These are written questions to a party in the lawsuit or corporations or government agencies.


When do you serve answers and objections to interrogatories?

30 days of being served with them