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Austin Spectrum Disorder (Symptoms, Onset, Duration)

Social Communication Delays: Deficits in reciprocity, poor use of nonverbals, impaired relationship building (all)

Restricted/Repetitive Behavior: stereotypic speech/behavior, rituals, fixated interests, hyper/hypo reactivity to stimuli (2 or more)

Onset: early developmental period

Duration: none


ADHD: Symptoms, Onset, Duration

Inattention: 6 symptoms if 17 or younger; 5 symptoms if adult

Hyperactivity: 6 symptoms if 17 or younger; 5 symptoms if adult

Onset: 12 or earlier

Duration: 6 months, 2 or more situations


Disruptive Mood Dysregulation: Symptoms, onset, duration

Symptoms: chronic irritability, 3+ temper outbursts every week

Onset: 6-10, can be diagnosed up to 17 y/o

Duration: 1 year, at least 2 settings


Body Dysmorphia: Symptoms, Onset, Duration

Symptoms: imagined deficit in physique, repetitive acts to reduce anxiety about deficit, not restricted to food/eating, focuses on specific body part

Duration: none
Onset: None


Reactive Attachment: symptoms, onset, duration

Symptoms: rarely seeks comfort, lack of responsiveness, disengaged

Onset: 9 months - 5 years

Duration: none


Disinhibited Social Engagement: symptoms, onset, duration

Symptoms: overly familiar, actively approaches strangers, fails to check in with caregivers

Onset: at least 9 months old or developmentally 9 months

Duration: none


Somatic Symptom Disorder: symptoms, onset, duration

Symptom: somatic symptom with anxiety, persistent concerns, excessive time/energy devoted to it (2 or more)

Onset: none

Duration: 6 months or more


Illness Anxiety Disorder: symptoms, onset, duration

Symptoms: belief that they have or will have a serious disease despite proof of no disease present

Onset: none

Duration: 6 months or more


Conversion Disorder: symptoms, onset, duration

Symptoms: neurologic symptom (i.e. voluntary motor, sensory, cognition functions are altered) but no underlying medical condition to explain it exists

Onset: none

Duration: none


Insomnia: symptoms, onset, duration

Symptoms: terminal, onset, maintenance issues with sleep

Onset: none

Duration: 3 nights per week for 3+ months


Hypesomnolence: symptoms, onset, duration

Symptoms: excessive sleepiness with at least 7 hours of sleep AND one of the following: lapses into sleep during the day, 9+ hours of sleep, difficulty being awake

Onset: none

Duration: 3x per week for at least 3 months


Oppositional Defiant: symptoms, onset, duration

loses temper, easily annoyed, angry, argues, refuses to comply with rules, intentionally annoys others, blames others (4 or more)

Vindictiveness or spiteful acts at least 2x in 6 months

Onset: none

Under 5 = most days for at least 6 months
5 or older = once per week for at least 6 months


Conduct Disorder: symptoms, duration, onset

Symptoms: persistent violations of others rights, aggressive, destroys property, uses deceit, physically cruel (at least 3)

Onset: none

Duration: 3 symptoms for one year, at least one present in past 6 months


Intermittent Explosive: symptoms, onset, duration

Symptoms: behavioral outbursts, problems controlling aggression

Onset: none

Duration: consistent for at least 3 months OR 3 violent acts leading to harm/property damage in past year


Substance Abuse

Symptoms: use continues despite impaired functioning, harm to self, tolerance, withdrawal, excessive time/energy spent obtaining it, cravings, knowledge that ongoing use is harmful (at least 2)

Onset: none

Duration: 12 months or more


List all personality disorders by cluster, describe qualities

Cluster A - related to social relationships: Paranoid (mistrust), Schizoid (uninterested), Schizotypal (discomfort)

Cluster B - related to self: antisocial, borderline, histrionic, narcissistic

Cluster C: avoidant, dependent, obsessive-compulsive


What is dyskinesia, dystonia and akathisia

Results of psychotropic medications

Dyskinesia: uncontrolled, involuntary movements

Dystonia: muscle stiffening, causes twisting

Akathisia: restlessness, anxiety