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Which doors are normally used for passenger entry and exit?

1L and 2L


Which doors are equipped with automatically deployed evacuation slides?

L1, R1, L2, R2


What deploys automatically when you open the overwing emergency doors?

The overwing emergency exit ramp/slides.


R1 and R2 are normally used for?

Servicing the aircraft


When will the flight deck door lock?

When electrical power is applied.


What supplies electical power to the flight deck door?

The L Main bus


What happens to the flight deck door when the flight deck is depresurized?

The door latch system incorporates a pressure rate-sensor that unlocks the door in the event of flight deck side depressurization.


Emergency or Alternate Access
What begins a timed sequence of events to unlock the door?

Entering the company code


Emergency or Alternate Access
What are the events that happen after entering the correct company code to open the flight deck door?

1. The first aural alert sounds
2. The red door lock indicator light extinguishes
3. The amber light illuminates indicating you entered the correct code
4. The AUTO UNLK indicator light illuminates on the flight deck
5. After a time delay, the aural alert sounds again.
6. After the 3rd steady aural alert sounds, the AUTO UNLK light begins flashing
7. When the aural alert stops and the AUTO UNLK light stops flashing, the green indicator light illuminates and the door unlocks for five seconds


How can the flight deck crew stop the automatic opening sequence?

By momentarily selecting DENY before the door unlocks


What happens when the FLT DK DOOR is rotated to DENY?

AUTO UNLK light extinguishes
the red light illuminates on the emergency access panel
and the keypad is disabled for a set time delay


What does the LOCK FAIL light mean?

Power to the automatic door lock has been turned off or failed and the flight deck door is unlocked.


How many service and entry doors are there?

4, 2 up front and 2 in the back of the airplane.