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Alcohol cessation

Diazepam 20mg every 2hr upto 60mg/d
Thiamine 300mg im/iv 3-5 days then oral

Naltrexone 50mg PO daily
Acamprosate 666mg PO tds
Disulfiram 100mg/d oral


Alcohol qeustions

C - felt you need to cut down on drinking
A - annoyed by ppl criticising your alcohol drinking
G - guilty about drinking
E - eye-opener first thing in to the morning


Smoking cessation

Nicotine patch 21mcg/24hr
+ gum 4mg 1~2hr up to 10 pieces in 24hr
Varenicline 0.5mg/d for 3 days then 1mg bd
Bupropion 150mg/d 3 days then bd


Smoking interview

Ask - identify smokers
Assess - readiness and motivation
Advise - risks and benefit
Assist - meds
Arrange - follow up