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What are 5 contradictions to ASA?

1. Inability to swallow
2. Allergy to aspirin
3. Active peptic ulcer or GI bleeding
4. Pediatric Pt
5. Pt has already taken their recommended ASA dose prior to arrival.


What are 4 contradictions to Nitroglycerin?

1. If the Pt has taken Viagra or Levitra in the last 24 hrs
2. if the Pt has taken Cialis in the last 48 hrs
3. BP less than 100
4. Known allergy


What 5 things must be done before initiating the chest pain protocol?

1. Request equipment be prepared for RTC
2. Complete primary survey, and administer oxygen
3. Investigate pain complaint, and severity
4. Obtian a history sufficient to suggest that the pain is cardiac in nature, and rule out contradictions for Nitro
5. Obtain a baseline set of vitals


What 3 questions must be asked in order to provide Nitro to a Pt?

1. They must have chest pain
2. They must have a history of angina
3. They must have a prescription for Nitro


What is the dose of Nitro?

0.4mg (1 Spray)


How many doses of Nitro are allowed?

3 doese, every 5 minutes


What is the does of ASA?

2 (chewable) 81mg tablets


If equipment is ready to go. should transport be delayed to give Nitro?



What should be checked before repeating Nitro protocol?

Ensure BP is over 100, and that pain is still present.


If pain is completely relieved for more than 5 min, is it possible to re-initiate the Nitro protocol if pain returns?



What can be done to help pain after the last dose of Nitro?



What are 6 adverse effects to Nitro?

1. Induces hypotension
2. Dizziness
3. Weakness
4. Headache
5. Nausea
6. Vomiting


What are the O2 flow rates?

Nasal Canula - 3-4 LPM
Standard Face Mask - 10 LMP
Non-Rebreather/ BVM - 15 LPM