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Georg Lukács

(About Bosola): "his qualities and abilities are no longer part of his personality, they are things which he can "own" or "dispose of" like the various objects of the external world"


Leah S. Marcus

Bosola - "reluctantly parasitic"


Frank Whigam

Bosola suffers from a "crisis of inauthenticity"


Irving Ribner

it is the "nobility of the human spirit which enables man to survive and triumph in spite of such a world"
"Indestructible human spirit"

Bosola - "shaped by the specific function he is designed to perform"


David Cecil

"Webster does believe in the ultimate victory of virtue. The good are only defeated on the material plane. Morally they triumph. "


T.S. Elliot

Webster "saw the skull beneath the skin" (in the poem whispers of immortality)


Ian Jack



G.H. Lewes

Webster doesn't present people how they really are - his characters are two dimensional

"False exhibition of human nature"
"Delights the pit"