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Normal reporting time for an ASAP report is 24 hours.  What should you do if you are unable to submit the online report within this time frame?

Call or email the Safety Department to let them know that you will be submitting on whichever event you had


When are you required to use the Strategic Lateral Offset Procedure (SLOP) outbound in WATRS airspace?

Reaching the oceanic entry point



Class II navigation means operation outside of the usable range of standard navigation facilities (e.g., VORs).  Which of the areas listed below is an example of Class II navigation?

  • Routes southeast of Bahamas due to break in coverage between Nassau and Grand Turk
  • Gulf of Mexico (Including Q routes between Florida and Louisiana)
  • ARs to Florida and Bahamas


Which of the following statements apply to our Electronic Flight Bag policy?

  • With only 1 iPad working, we may only fly 3 consecutive flights
  • iPad batteries must be 50% charged prior to departure
  • We must have 2 working iPads to depart a crew base
  • With only 1 iPad working, we must print required Jepps prior to departure


What action is required by the Flight Crew if the EMK is opened by an EMT (authorized by MedLink) and used to attend to a seriously ill Customer during a flight?

The aircraft maintenance logbook will require an entry and the Crew must fill out a Flight Crew Irregularity Report


What action is required by the Flight Crew if an FAK is opened and used during a flight?

An aircraft maintenance logbook entry must be made


When considering turbulence, what tools would be  helpful in the pre-departure phase of flight?

  • Significant Weather Prognostic Charts
  • WSI app on the iPad


Regarding the fasten seatbelt sign and PA announcements, what would be the correct Flight Crewmember action(s) if severe turbulence is encountered enroute?

Turn ON fasten seatbelt sign, announce “Cabin Crew be seated immediately,” followed by a flight deck P.A. to customers


If Aerodata returns Takeoff Data output which is invalid (dashes rather than numbers).  The first thing you should do is:

Check the Remarks section


If your Aerodata TAKEOFF DATA output includes the label “SPECIAL,” signifying that a special Engine Failure Procedure (EFP) exists for that runway, where can you find the details about the EFP?

  • In the Aerodata Takeoff Data output pages
  • In the TLR with your release
  • In the ABG (pictorial view)


If customer service were to provide preliminary load information, then ask how many more customers they could load, where can this information be found within AeroData?

The 2nd  page (for a specific runway) of Takeoff Data


After getting everyone into the life raft and cutting the cord, the next appropriate step is to: 

Pull in the survival kit and reference the raft manual 


The Severe Weather / Windshear decision aid may be found in ___________ .

The Quick Reference Handbook (QRH)


If your weather radar becomes inoperative in flight and you are approaching known or forecast thunderstorm areas…

You may continue only if the Captain is satisfied that the thunderstorms can be avoided visually


A Microburst Alert has been issued for the runway you are being vectored to for approach. What action is required by the flight crew?

Do not land until conditions improve


During a descending RA, ATC gives you a clearance to climb for conflicting traffic. What should you do?

Continue to follow the RA command


Assuming a standard CAT I ILS approach (200 & ½),  what Destination forecast below requires the flight to be dispatched under Exemption 3585?


  1. KHPN TAF VRB03KT 1/4SM FG VV001 TEMPO 1316 1/2SM FG
  2. KHPN TAF VRB03KT 1/2SM FG VV001 TEMPO 1316 1/4SM FG
  3. KHPN TAF VRB03KT 1/2SM FG VV001 BECMG 1316 1SM BR


If an airport has only one approach available (a standard CAT 1 ILS with minimums of 200 & ½), what is the lowest allowable weather forecast which would qualify that airport as a legal alternate?

Ceiling 600 & visibility 1 ½ sm


During a PRM approach, you hear the controller issue you the following clearance:  “Traffic Alert - JetBlue 1234 turn right heading 300, descend and maintain 1,600.”  At the same time, your TCAS issues an RA warning of  “Climb, Climb.”  What action should you take? 

Turn right to 300 (per ATC) and climb (per the RA)


While holding short of the active runway, the crew receives a “Line Up and Wait” clearance.  Prior to crossing the hold short line, the crew must:

Confirm clearance, verbally verify proper runway and verify that the approach path is clear 


Why is it important to communicate with your Inflight Crew during a fire situation?

  • They can be helpful in assessing what’s really going on
  • They need time to complete their required tasks
  • You need to make sure that everyone is on the same page (use the TEST brief for this)


When the PIC and CRO do not agree on a solution handling a Customer with a disability, what additional steps should be taken to ensure compliance?


Call the MedAire CRO Assistance Line for regulatory clarification and also consider JetBlue policy requirements


JetBlue prohibits scuba diving within ___ hours of reporting for duty.

24 Hours


The FOM specifies the following values for "Minimum Fuel" and "Emergency Fuel

3500 lbs and 2500 lbs


What serves as the official pilot's reference for the specific de/anti-icing procedures (locations, frequencies, etc.) that will be in effect at each airport this winter?

Airport Briefing Guide


You arrive at the aircraft in the morning and there is a significant amount of clear ice on the wings.  Which slat/flap setting would be appropriate for de-icing?

The existing flap setting


When is a pre-takeoff contamination check required after de/anti-icing? 

When your holdover time has been exceeded or when heavy snow is falling


During operations with Ice Pellets, an Allowance Time __________.

replaces a hold over time and cannot be extended


The weather radar is good at detecting:

Large droplets of liquid water


The most reflective altitude range for a thunderstorm (the area with the most liquid water content) is generally

10,000 to 18,000