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With the PPSP classification of ear disease, what is a Primary cause? And name 3

Create disease in normal ear

Allergy, autoimmune (BP, EB, LE, PF), Endocrine (esp hypoT), Foreign bodies (plant awns), Epithelial disorders (idiopathic seborrhea, vit A responsive dermatosis), Immune mediated (drug reactions, EM, vasculitis), dermatophytes, parasites (otodectes, Otobius, chiggers)


What is a secondary cause (PPSP)? Name 3 for ear disease

= create disease in an abnormal ear

Bacteria, fungal (aspergillus), medication reaction (propylene glycol), overcleaning (moisture and maceration), yeast


What is a Predisposing factor (PPSP) in ear disease? Name 3

= present prior to ear disease development

Conformation (excess hair growth, stenosis), moisture (grooming), obstructive ear disease (feline cystamatosis), PSOM, OM d/t neoplasia


What are perpetuating factors (PPSP) in ear disease?

Name 3


= occur as a result of otic inflammation

Failure of epithelial migration, oedema, proliferative changes, ruptured TM, sebaceous hyperplasia, apocrine dilation, calcification, OM


A 4 year old DSH presented to you with this

It's bilateral, affected concave pinna and external orifice

What is your top ddx?

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Feline proliferative and necrotizing otitis externa




What is the aetiology of feline proliferative and necrotizing otitis externa?


Unknown aetiology

a/c with T cell induced caspase-positive epidermal keratinocyte apoptosis (like EM)



In chronic otitis, where does the calcification of the ear canal occur?


 In the connective tissue OUTSIDE Of the auricular or annular cartilage


What is p53 tumor suppressor?

Why is this important in SCC?

Protects the body from DNA damage and cancer

Mutations of p53 can be seen with SCC


Name 2 dog breeds that have been reported to have Primary secretory otitis media

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CKCS, Boxers


What am I?

Non-neoplastic mass of epithelial tissue, fibroblasts, macrophages, lymphocytes, plasma cells, neutrophils

Often arise from the mucosa of the middle ear or auditory tube

Feline inflammatory polyps

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What am I?

Multiple blue-fluid filled cystic masses of concave pinna

Non-neoplastic disorder; Persians over represented

Common predisposing factor; may be asymptomatic

Ceruminous cystamatosis

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What is a rare fatal complication of bacterial OM in dogs and cats?



What breed is primarily affected in Idiopathic inflammatory or hyperplastic otitis externa?

Young cocker spaniels


What is idiopathic inflammatory or hyperplastic otitis externa?

Possible primary glandular disorder, can lead to calcified ear canals



What changes can occur in dogs ears with HypoT and sex hormone imbalances?

Chronic ceruminous otitis externa from altered keratinization and glandular function


Ear mites can induce what type of hypersensitive reaction?


Ear mites can induce Arthrus-type and immediate hypersensitive reactions


Cat ear, what is this?

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Mammomonogamus auris: middle ear of cats of Northwest Pacific


What otitis externa disease is a/c with T cell induced caspase-positive epidermal keratinocyte apoptosis (like EM)?

Feline proliferative and necrotizing otitis externa

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Pinnal squamous cell carcinoma has a relatively high metastasis rate

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Pinnal SCC has relatively low mets rate


Give 7 ddxs (cat pinnal lesions)

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SCC, dermatophytosis, notoedric mange, fight wounds, vasculitis, frostbite/cryoglobulinemia, DLE/SLE, PF


What ear disease is the most common cause of peripheral vestibular signs in both dogs and cats?

Otitis interna


On clinical exam, a patient presented with a head tilt and nystagmus. They are ataxic, but no weakness detected or proprioceptive deficits. Is this peripheral or central vestibular disease?

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Peripheral vestibular disease