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Global Response


I will recognize this as an EEO violation and put a stop to the behavior immediately because not only is it against policy but it is unlawful as well.

The CHP has 0 tolerance for EEO violations and as a sergeant, I have the professional, legal and moral responsibility to ensure the workplace is free from any EEO violations.

When incidents like this occurs it’s important that as a sergeant I take immediate and the appropriate action because if I don’t, it can lead to civil liability, low morale in the office and excessive sick leave usage.


Steps for victim employee


In this scenario I will identify it as a EEO violation and put a stop to the behavior immediately.

I will talk to the victim employee and obtain a statement.

I will assure the victim I will put a stop to the behavior immediately

I will advise the employee of the EEO process and of the right to speak to an EEO counselor

I will also advise the employee of the right to confidentiality and that any retaliation against her will not be tolerated.

I will provide her a copy of our EEO manual, HPM 10.12 and let her know that our department has 0 tolerance for EEO violations.

I all assure her I will be looking into the matter and ask her how she would like me to handle the situation because if at all possible I will try to handle at the lowest possible level.

I will also inform the employee of their right to file an internal/external complaint with EEO.

I will also inform her that EAP is available to her if she needs it and provide her with contact numbers.


steps after interviewing victim employee


I will speak to other supervisors about the incident and see if they are aware of any other incidents involving the two employees.

I will then notify my chain of command and we will come up with an action plan.


If management wants me to initiate an investigation


I will start a log, a list of witnesses and a list of questions I will want to ask the witnesses.

I will also look into personnel records with the two employees and see if there are any past history documented.

I will also inquire with EEO to see if they have anything documented in the past.

I will interview the witnesses and make sure those interviews are properly documented