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Benefits to a developing country of a multinational company

Increased opportunities

Increased training

Increased standard of living

Local infrastructure improved

Widens hosts economic base/brings in foreign currency

Increased technological development


Advantages to multinational company of moving to developing countries

Cheaper labour/reduced production costs/increased profits

Less stringent legislation/company's cut corners

Company gain political influence/ensure laws remain to their advantage


Advantages to the manufacturer of built in obsolescence


Continued sales

Customers want latest

Predetermined life span

Manufacturers have more control

Less money in stock

Fewer spares

Fewer repairs

Cheaper parts

Warranties given with confidence


Advantages to the consumer of built in obsolescence

Manufacturers make the best/latest

Up to date

Competition between companies

Wider choice

Innovative designs

Second hand market


Innovative smart materials

Shape memory alloy/braces/glasses frames

Thermochromic materials/thermometers/kettles

Smart glass/welding masks