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What are electrical conductors ?

They are a material that allows a current to pass through them


How do materials conduct current ?

They have 'free' electrons, because current is a flow of electrons


What are insulators ?

They are materials that do not allow a current to flow through them


What can you NOT do to charge ?

You cannot destroy charge you can only move it


What is NAFPIGS ?

• negative
• amber
• + fur
• positive
• if
• glass
• + silk


What is an induced charge ?

If a charge is induced on a neutral object then it can attract or repel electric charges


What is triboelectricity ?

A type of electricity generated by friction


What is the electrostatic phenomena ?

• this is an event where static electricity has a specific effect : e.g. An electric shock
• electrons move from one material to another, the material with a negative charge will then look for some way to earth its charge, which can cause an electric shock


Dangers of triboelectricity

• when an aircraft is flying, the air/clouds it passes through create friction and the aircraft becomes charged through triboelectricity
• this means when the plane is being re-fuelled, it still has a charge, this can cause a spark, as the charge jumps from the aircraft to the fuel igniting it


What can stop the dangers of triboelectricity?

• A earthing wire. This means hat a wire farting a current is attached to the aircraft.
• This means there is a safe route for the charge to escape from, this discharges the plane, making it safe to re-fuel


What are the 3 uses of charges ?

• electrostatic precipitator
• electrostatic paint spray
• ink-jet printer


Describe an ink-jet printer

• the ink-jet printer ejects ink
• the charged plates, which use different amounts of charge to steer the ink to the correct place in the page


Describe an electrostatic precipitator

• when the soot rises it gets a negative charge from the charging wire
• when it rises further up the chimney it gets attracted to the positively charged collecting plates
• where it collects all the spot an almost non of the soot gets into the atmosphere


Describe an electrostatic paint spraying

• the paint is positively charged because the electrons are transferred to the gun when the paint passes through it
• the object is negatively charged, the positively charged paint is attracted to the negatively charged object
• the object is fully covered by the paint because each droplet repels each other so fully covers the object


Why is electrostatic paint spray effective ?

• fully covers the object
• no wastage
• no drop marks or streaks
• nicer finish
• quick
• less money