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Why did Earls lead a revolt in 1569

1. Earls lost influence with Elizabeth in power
2. Wanted to restore Catholicism
3. Elizabeth created uncertainty by refusing to marry or name an heir
4. Wanted Mary Queen of Scots as queen


Name a key person involved in the revolt of the northern earls and why he wanted the revolt to take place?

Thomas Percy

- he lost influence at court under elizabeth as she favoured protestanta
- he lost the rights to a valuable, newly discovered copper mine found on his lands to the queen in 1567


What were key events of the revolt of the northern earls?

1. 450 rebels were executed though the towns and villages of Northern England
2. Elizabeth released Mary and the duke of Norfolk


Why was the revolt of the Northern Earls significant?

1. It was the first rebellious acts by Catholics against Elizabeth
2. It prompted harsher treatment of Catholics


What was the papal bull?

The written order issued by the pope that excommunicated Queen Elizabeth


What are 2 key features of the Ridolfi plot?

1. It was a plot to Murder Elizabeth and put Mary on the throne
2. Duke of Norfolk was executed but Mary was released


Why was the ridolfi plot significant?

1. It reinforced the threat to England from Spain as the spanish were involved
2. Reinforced the threat posed by catholics and Mary


What is 1 key feature of the Throckmorton plot?

Plot to overthrow Elizabeth and put Mary on the throne


What are 2 key features of the babington plot?

1. Plot to overthrow Elizabeth and put Mary on throne
2. Elizabeth finally signed Mary's death warrant after this plot.


What was the significance of Mary, queen of scots death?

1. Removed a key threat
2. It gave Philip more of a reason to invade England


Who was Walsingham?

- Elizabeth's secretary of state who developed a spy network and discovered evidence that indicated Marys involements in plots
- he also tried Mary, Queen of Scots for treason after decoding her letters


Name 4 of Elizabeth's foreign policy aims?

1. developing and improving trade to benefit the English economy
2. Protecting England's borders
3. Protecting the English throne
4. Avoiding war, which would be a problem if English rebels supported the enemy


Who was Francis Drake?

A merchant who made his fortune trading in the New World


What did Francis Drake do to Spains goods?

He captured spanish riches, captured numerous Spanish ships, and seized their cargoes


What did Elizabeth do to anger the Spanish? (in regards to Francis Drake

- Elizabeth backed and celebrated him
- She issued him with secret orders to attack Spains colonies in the new world


Why did France want to be allied to England?

Because France was surrounded by Spanish territory except to the north


Why did Spain want to be allied to England?

Elizabeth's fleet could help protect its ship sailing in the channel to the netherlands


Give 4 reasons as to why Elizabeth was reluctant to help the dutch

1. If Elizabeth supported Dutch rebels, Philip might do the same with catholic rebels
2. Spain would have the backing of the pope, and encourage English Catholics to welcome a Spanish invasion
3. Popes backing means that france could side with spain
4. War would be too costly and England's finances werent as strong as spains


The pacification of Ghent demanded....

- all spanish troops to be expelled from the Netherlands
- an end to religious persecution


Which treaty put spain and England directly at war?

- Treaty of Nonsuch


Why did the Armada fail?

1. England had better ship design
2. Spain were not well supplied
3. planning and communication with Spain
4. Weather


Why did Albas presence in the Netherlands act as a concern for Elizabeth?

1. Albas large army was at a close distance to England.
2. Elizabeth did not want to be seen as Europe's leading Protestant monarch but many dutch protestants chose to come to England


What was the treaty of nonsuch?

A treaty that put England at war with Spain as Elizabeth had agreed to directly intervene in the Netherlands (on t the side of the rebels)


How did the duke of alencon help Elizabeth?

He gathered an army to fight the Spanish in the netherlands


What did the 'act for the preservation of the Queens safety' state?

1. In the event that Elizabeth was assassinated, Mary, queen of scots, was to be barred from the succession
2. Any action against Mary should only be taken once a commission has investigated her role in the plot, held a trial and found her guilty


Mary, Queen of Scots was convicted in 1586 under the ....

'act for the preservation of the Queens safety'