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Explain the differences between an Open, Closed and Isolated system.

In an open system, bother energy and matter can be exchanged with the surroundings, in a closed system, only energy can be exchanged, and in an isolated system, nothing can.


In terms of energy, what is the difference between 'heat' and 'work'?

Heat = energy dispersed as random motion
Work = energy dispersed as non random motion


Explain the minus 1 Law.

Heat travels from hot to cold


What is the definition of Standard Molar Entropy?

(S) is the entropy of one mole of a substance under standard conditions.


What is the 1st Law of thermodynamics?

The internal energy of an isolated system is constant.


What is the zero law of thermodynamics?

If body 'A' is in thermal equilibrium with body 'B' and the body 'B' is in thermal equilibrium with the body 'C' then body 'A' and body 'C' must also be in thermal equilibrium.


Explain 'equilibrium'.

The equilibrium is reached when the rate of the forward reaction matches that of the backwards reaction.


What is the 2nd law of thermodynamics?

The entropy (S) of an isolated system increases for any spontaneous change.


What is Standard Free Energy Change?

The value of deltaG when reactants are converted into products (in their standard states)


How much gibbs free energy can ATP release?

It can be released in packets of 30.5kJ