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"Joe imparted confidence upon me"

>he sees Joe as an equal as he always refers to his sister as "Mrs Joe" whereas Joe is just Joe. It also suggests he has a positive influence on Pip as he increases his confidence.


"I'm your second father. You're my son-more to me nor any son, I've put money away only for you to spend." - Magwitch to Pip

>portrays a close relationship they have.
>Magwitch doesn't know where he was born or who his parents are and he knows how close Pip and Joe are yet he still wants Pip to see him as father figure as he knows what it's like not to have one.
>This makes the readers opinion of Magwitch change as when we were first introduced to Magwitch it seemed like he wanted to harm Pip when in actual fact all he ever wanted to do was help him. As we find out later that he was his benefactor.
>At this point in the novel Pip doesn't appreciate their friendship because he doesn't believe it will help with his future but unbeknown to him this friendship is whats making his future.


As Magwitch is reaching his death he is described as looking at Pip "affectionately", "gently", and appearing "placid"

>This illustrates that he had no evil intentions and he doest want Pips last time seeing him to be a memory of when they first met.
>At the start Magwitch is related to grotesque violence these adjectives contradict that.
>Shakespeare presents Magwitch in this way because he wants to emphasise the fact that not only has Pip come on a journey through the novel but Magwitch as well and Magwitch wants Pip to see how he's changed from an intimidating convict to a generous man that only wants the best for Pip.
>This pulls on the hearts strings of the reader because they may feel like they have joined in on the journey of Both their lives and feel a part of it.


"the bride within the bridal dress had withered like the dress"

>This is part of Pip's description of her when he first encountered Miss Havisham so proves her sadness and desperation is obvious to see.
>implies she has no life left in her as the verb "withered" connotes decay which could suggests she believes her life isn't worth living anymore and she is slowing wasting away because she is so depressed.
>This teaches pip no matter how much money you have it can't always but happiness however pip doesn't fully understand that concept as when his ambitions changed to becoming a gentleman all he can think about was money and status, he even started to down Joe.


"She pounced upon me like an eagle on a Lamb"

>conveys the class difference
>"eagle" connotes a powerful bird that flies high above anyone
>"lamb" connotes someone that just follows the crowd and just do what they have to, nothing more


"You made your own snares, I never made them"

>All this time Pip believed Miss Havisham was the reason why he got his fortune and that she supposedly made Pip fall in love with estella but in the end it was only his own stupidity that had to that deception.


"If I ain't a gentleman, nor yet ain't got no learning, I'm the owner of such."

>Portrays the idea that Magwitch didn't give pip his fortune out of kindness and generosity but to get a good label for himself.
>the noun "owner" connotes possession and personal property, magwitch believes because he has made pip a gentleman he can control what he does with it and what ever great, successful things Pip ends up to do, Magwitch should get some credit.