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The refusal of a LENDING institution to make a residential real estate loan strictly because of the RACIAL or ETHNIC composition of a neighborhood is called



The practice of renting only first floor apartments to families with toddlers rather than allowing the families to rent apartments with balconies that are located within the upper floors of the building is considered

A discriminatory practice


A house for sale was advertised "Fine executive home in an upscale neighborhood within walking distance of city park and St. Marys College" All of the following are true

An upscale neighborhood could be interpreted to mean that minorities are not welcome

it appears that wheelchair bound buyers are not welcome

the neighborhood could appear to be undesirable for people who do not follow the same religion as founders of St. Marys College


The Americans with Disabilities Act requires that

reasonable accommodations be provided to people with disabilities


Which of the following would be considered legal

requiring a person with a disability who has poor credit to establish an escrow account for the costs to restore a property after it has been modified


The unlawful practice of channeling prospective buyers from or to a particular area is known as



An owner wishes to list an expensive home, but has requested that the home be sold to Cuacausions only. Under the law, the agent should

Inform the seller he cannot legally accept the listing under those conditions


Under what circumstances may a broker legally NOT show a minority a home in a white neighborhood?

If the owner is out of town and has instructed the broker not to show the home to anyone while the owner is away.


Which of the following is permitted under the Fair Housing ACT?

not renting a house to an individual because they have a poor credit history


Under the Fair Housing Amendments Act of 1988 a handicapped person can be an individual

with a mental impairment that substantially limits that person from living a normal life


FAMILIAL STATUS as it is defined in the Fair Housing Amendment Act of 1988 prohibits housing discrimination against

families with children under the age of 18


The Federal Fair Housing Act protects

married woman


A young woman with a visual impairment wants to live in an apartment building with her seeing eye dog. The building has a policy that requires the landlord to collect a "pet deposit" for any tenant regardless of their protected class. The woman refuses to pay the deposit. Which of the following is correct?

The landlord may not charge her the deposit because the animal is not a PET


A tenant with a handicap asks her landlord for permission to modify her dwelling unit. The landlord can

require the tenant to restore the interior to the original condition at the end of the tenancy


The federal Fair Housing Act created exemptions where the federal fair housing law is not applicable. These exemptions never apply to

Race or Color