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What is urbanisation?

- The growth in the proportion of a country's population living in urban areas.
- Happening globally, 50%+ people living in urban areas (3.9B) - still increasing.


What happens in smaller population urbanisation?

- 35% of the population in developing countries live in urban areas.
- Fastest rates of urbanisation in the world are developing countries.


What are megacities?

- High rates of urbanisation lead to the growth of megacities.
- An urban area with over 10M people living in it.


What is a primate city?

- One city dominates the country it is in.
- Much bigger population than the 2nd biggest city - usually 2x as big.
- Influence the country economically.


What are the economical factors of a primate city?

- Investment; businesses often located there, attracting investment in infrastructure and services.
- Migration; there are many jobs so people move there to work. High skilled workers are attracted by higher paid jobs.
- Transport; international ports and airports are often located there, encouraging further investment and migration.


What are the political factors of a primate city?

- Governments and the HQ's are powerful, high earning businesses are located there.
- Means that the decision about development will only favour the city and not the whole country.


Why is urbanisation creating more megacities in the developing/emerging countries?

- As there is more space to develop.
- More people look to the centre for job opportunities.
- People would rather make a living in the centre of the city; better quality of life etc.


How does a primate city dominate its country?

- As it is in a double population so it is easier to allow them to trade and do business.
- They normally have the services to dominate the country - dock lands, CBD, airports and government.


What are urban areas?

- Towns and cities.
- Popular places to be and getting ever more so.


What will urbanisation most likely to do in 2050?

- The rate will stay at the rate urbanisation is now (rapid).
- It will mean that the majority of th global population, even ones in rural areas, will be living in urban areas instead.


What characteristics does a megacity require/possess?

- 10M + people.


What are the alpha stages in urbanisation?

- Alpha ++ are the biggest business districts and act as if they are the continents financial hub. New York = Western Hub, London = Europe's Hub - worlds most important cities.
- Alpha + cities are cities that are very important and large in population but don't have the financial power to be an alpha ++ city.
- Alpha cities are highly populated cities (5-10M) people.
- Alpha - cities are usually 1-5M people.