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How many deaths is considered a disaster

500 or more


What are mega disasters

When GDP of a country is reduced by at least 5% or over 2000 deaths or over 200,000 made homeless or over a year of foreign aid dependency


What is physical vulnerability

When people live in hazard prone areas they or billings that offer little protection


What is economic vulnerability

When people risk loosing their job asset and money


What is knowledge vulnerability

When people lack education for trainings and there are no warning or evacuation systems in place


Environmental vulnerability

Exist where the area that people living in has increased in hazard risk because of population pressure forcing people into riskier areas


Summarise thé Haïti earthquake

Magnitude 7 earthquake hit Port au Prince relatively low but managed to kill 160,000


What were some of the economic impacts of the Haiti earthquake

200,000 were damaged in the capital
Haitian tourist industry declined
Damaged ports and main roads


What were some of the social impacts of the Haiti earthquake

220,000 people were killed
800,000 people injured
8 hospital were destroyed
Over 2 million left without food or water


What were some environmental impacts of Haiti

The main shipping port was badly damaged and part of it went under water
The number of dead bodies under buildings and on the streets created a health hazard


What were some social effects of Japan

Many were evacuated and living in temporary housing