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The Victory of Catholic Truth over Heresy (Triumph of the Eucharist tapestry series)

Type: tapestry, textile

Materials/Techniques: woven wool and silk

Patron: commissioned by the Infanta Isabella (Archduchess Isabella Clara Eugenia, daughter of Philip II, regent of Spanish Netherlands)

Creator/Culture: Jacob Greubels II/Flemish

Date/Period: ca. 1625-33/Baroque

Style Period: Baroque

Repository: Convent of Descalzas Reales, Madrid, Spain


Design for the Rear of a Carriage with Valor Victorious over Vice and Arrogance ​

Type: drawing

Materials/Techniques: pen on paper

Creator/Culture: Ciro Ferri/Italian

Date/Period: 1688/Baroque

Style Period: Baroque

Place of Origin: Rome, Italy

Notes: conceived for Rinaldo d’Este on his appointment as cardinal

Repository: Windsor Castle, Windsor, England


Nocturnal Clock with the Flight Into Egypt

Type: clock

Materials/Techniques: ebony and other woods, oil painting on copper, gilt bronze, various colored semiprecious stones (pietre dure), painted mirrors

Maker/Culture: Pier Tommaso Campani/Italian

Painter: Francesco Trevisani

Date/Period: ca. 1680-90/Baroque

Style Period: Baroque

Place of Origin: Rome, Italy

Repository: Capitoline Museum, Rome, Italy


Draw-leaf Table

Type: table, furniture

Materials/Techniques: oak inlayed with ebony and boxwood

Culture: Flemish

Date/Period: ca. 1620-1650/

Style Period: 

Place of Origin: Northern Netherlands

Repository: Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, Netherlands


Console Table (one of a pair)

Type: table, furniture

Materials/Techniques: gilded pine, Siena marble

Designer: William Kent

Carver: probably John Boson

Culture: English

Date/Period: 1727-32/Neoclassical

Style Period: Neoclassical

Intended Site: gallery at Chiswick House, London, UK

Repository: Victoria and Albert Museum, London, UK


Orangerie and the Hundred Steps Staircase

Type: architecture, landscape design

Materials/Techniques: palace garden, architectural extension

Creator/Culture: rebuilt by Jules Hardouin-Mansart/French

Date/Period: 1684-6/Baroque

Style Period: Baroque

Location: Château of Versailles


Pair of Marriage Coffers

Type: storage furniture

Materials/Techniques: wood, tortoiseshell, and brass marquetry

Creator/Culture: André-Charles Boulle/French

Date/Period: 1688/Baroque

Style Period: Baroque

Place of Origin: Paris, France

Notes: probably supplied to Louis XIV’s cousin, the Prince de Condé, who gave them as a wedding present to his daughter, Marie-Thérèse

Repository: Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, Netherlands


Tureen (one of a pair, in service including two serving trays)

Type: dining ware

Materials/Techniques: silver/casting and chasing

Makers: Pierre-François Bonnestrenne and Henry Adnet

Designer and Chaser: Juste-Aurèle Meissonnier

Patron: Evelyn Pierrepont, Second Duke of Kingston

Date/Period: 1734-6/Rococo

Style Period: Rococo

Place of Origin: Paris, France

Repository: Thyssen-Bornemisza Collection, Madrid, Spain


Large Covered Jar

Type: vessel

Materials/Techniques: Delftware (tin-glazed earthenware)

Culture: Flemish

Date/Period: ca. 1635/

Style Period:

Place of Origin: Netherlands

Repository: Museum of Cultural History, Lund, Sweden


Sugar Bowl (in the form of an African woman with a basket)

Type: sugar bowl, diningware

Materials/Techniques: porcelain

Manufactory: Meissen

Designers: Johann Joachim Kändler and Johann Friedrich Eberlein

Culture: German

Date/Period: 1741/Rococo

Style Period: Rococo

Place of Origin: near Dresden, Germany

Repository: Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, Netherlands