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Camera Obscura

Dark box with pinhole. Light displays on opposite wall of he box mirrored and upside down. First Camera


First Permanent Photograph

1826 by Joseph Niepce on a pewter plate.


Camera Lucida

Optical device used by artist as drawing aid. Doesn’t project image. Creates optical superimposition on surface of artist drawing. Patented 1806 by William Wollaston


Joseph Niépce

Early 1800’s began experimenting with fixing images from the camera Obscura, 1818 created image that was stable for 3 months, inventor of photography,


Nimrud Lens

Said to have been able to focus sunlight, slightly oval, roughly ground, 12 by 11 cm, 3x magnifying glass, Assyrian palace of nimrud, Iraq



A disk with a picture on each side that is twirled quickly to make the pictures blend together



Two disks, one with small equidistant radial windows, through which the viewer would look. Another contained a sequence of images drawn around the disk in concentric circles. When viewed in a mirror through the first disks slots the pictures on the second disk appeared to move.


Zoetrope; wheel of life

Place a strip of drawings inside the drum and spin it when you look through the slots the images appear to be moving


Louis- Jacques Daguerre

1787-1851 most of his work in 1830’s. Interested in dynamics of light and the way it creates movement. 1839 shows French Académie des Sciences the process called Dauguerreotype. Worked with Joseph Niepce



First publicly available photographic process, for 20 years was the most commonly used. A sheet of silver plated copper would be polished to a mirror finish and be treated with fumes to make it light sensitive. It would be exposed in a camera for as long as necessary. Then it would be made visible by fuming it with mercury vapor. First person, Shells, Robert Cornelius, Moon, Abraham Lincoln, Arrest.


Johann Schulze

Proved that darkening of silver salts is caused by light not heat


Eadweard Muybridge

The horse in motion 1878. Showed that all four hooves come off the ground at once.


Persistence of vision

The retention of a visual image for a short period of time after the removal of the stimulus that produced it



Early photographic process that can be copied


MonkeyShines No.1

First films shot in the United States 1889


Roundhay Garden Scene

1888 shirt silent film oldest surviving film in existence


Arrival of a train a la ciotat Station

One of the first films shown to the public 1896


The kiss

Sailor and nurse in Times Square on V-J day in august 1945 happiness end of war most famous photograph of 20th century


Exploitation Film

A film intended to attract an audience by means of its sensationalist or controversial content


Grindhouse Cinema

Movie theaters specially built to showcase exploitation films mostly around in 1970s


Psychotropic Film

Low budget genre pictures that are generally disdained or ignored entirely by the critical establishment