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1968 Election

1) Hubert Humphrey is Johnson's VP, running for the democratic party
2) Nixon, Republican says that he wants to bring peace with honor and end the war in Vietnam
3)George Wallace is running with a platform of people who are for segregation and state rights.
­- During this time hippies begin saying they’re voting for a pig


1972 Election

- Nixon wins by a landslide
- People are in shock
- He imposed a military draft the that people did not want, and still won


1976 Election

- Jimmy Carter (Democrat) wins
- America sees him as a good man, but was too soft to do shit


1983 Beirut Bombings

A suicide bomber part of a group called Hezbollah drives a truck packed with explosives into the U.S. Marine barracks in Beirut killing 241 U.S. military people.
- Raises questioned if Reagan had a solid policy aim in Lebanon and if there was quality security in the American sector of war­torn Beirut.


2002: Axis of Evil

- Coined by Bush in the 2002 State of the Union
- Governments he accused of sponsoring terrorism and seeking weapons of mass destruction.
- Iran, Iraq, North Korea


2016 Election

- Trump dicked Hilary


9/11/2001: What happened? Response?

- Two planes hit the WTC.
- One plane hit the Pentagon
- Another crashed in a field, possibly shot down by a fighter jet.
- Bush: "These were more than acts of terror. They were acts of war."


Abu Graib Prison

- US soldiers interrogating Iraqi prisoners.
- Tortured and embarrassed them.
- Cell phone footage was found.


Arab Spring

- Series of civil wars in North Africa.
- Starts in Tunisia



- People who believe Obama was born outside of the United States.


Branch Davidians

- David Koresh
- Cult leader in Texas (Waco)
- He says he is the second coming of Christ


Buddhist BBQ's

- Every family in Vietnam gives one son to be a monk.
- Diem makes it illegal for Buddhist to beg which is part of their religion
- As protest, they begin lighting themselves on fire in public


Desert Shield/Desert Storm

- The US lines all along Iraq ready to invade creating a shield.
- Iraq was expecting an invasion through the water so they're caught off guard when they are invaded by the shield and on Feb 1991 Sudan Sudan is kicked out of Kuwait


Edward Snowden

- Worked for the US government, accessed important information
- He thought it was the best thing to do, to leak it.
- Edward was not allowed back in the US.


Election of 2000

- Bush vs Al Gore
- Bush won in a recount in Florida.


Gulf of Tonkin Resolution 1964

Outlines why we are going to war in Vietnam
- Vietnam deliberately attacked the US Navy
- "Take all necessary measures to repel any armed attack against the US and to prevent further aggression."


How does the Cold War end?

- Reagan gave a speech to take down the wall.
- West Germans started climbing the wall and attempting to take it down.
- The Russians never shot and the wall came down.
- This came when Gorbachev came to power. Peristroika


How does the Vietnam Conflict end?

- Nixon decided to slowly take pout troops, after having a draft.
- Carter took out the last troops from Vietnam


Iran Hostage Crisis

- Jimmy Carter’s allowed Iran overthrow Shah to come to the United States for cancer treatment
­- A group of Iranian students stormed the U.S. Embassy in Tehran taking 66 American hostages
­- The hostages are kept for 444 days and released just hours after Reagan's inauguration speech


Iran-Contra Affair

- Reagan isn't allowed to give money to Hezbollah to free the hostages or to Nicaragua
- Instead, we sell weapons to Iran and the profits are sent to Contras



Islamic State of Iraq and Syria
-Supposed to be a country
- Have taken US and British men hostage and have executed them through live streams.


Let's Make America Great Again

- Ronald Reagans campaign slogan


Mariel Boatlift

- Castro allowed Cubans to flea to their families, but as a result, he released all prisoners from prison


Monica Lewinsky's Blue Dress

- Bill Clinton is known for having affairs
- ML worked in the WH.
- She called a friend to talk about her sexual relations with Bill and how he came on her blue dress.


Nixon Doctrine

- In other types of aggression
- We shall furnish military and economic assistance
- We shall look to the country threatened to assume primary responsibility


Oklahoma City Bombing

April 1995
- US Marine Timothy M
- Truck parked in front of federal building
- Day care was on the first floor
- 168 dead


Operation Eagle Claw

- 66 US men being paraded around, held hostage by Iran
- Swoop down and get them with 4 planes and 4 helicopters
- Failure because these aircrafts were not made for desert conditions


Operation Rolling Thunder

- 1965-1968
- U.S air force starts dropping bombs on North Vietnam
- This was partially in response to a Viet Cong attack on a U.S. air base and an effort to try and get North Vietnam leaders to accept a non communist government.


Operation Urgent Fury

- Grenada elected a new leader who is boys with Castro
- US invade "non-violent and happy"
- The island had lots of american medical students



- The reconstruction of the political and economic system
- Contested elections were introduced to reflect the democratic practices of Western society and allow citizens to have a slight say in government.


Powell Doctrine

- 8 question that must be answered before putting our boys in harms way
- Created to ensure we go to war for the right reasons


Reagan Doctrine

- a strategy orchestrated and implemented by the United States under the Reagan Administration to overwhelm the global influence of the Soviet Union in an attempt to end the Cold War.


Soviet-Afghan War

- We armed radicals to fight the soviets and shoot down their planes


Star Wars

- Reagan gave a speech saying he wanted to build space based systems to shield the country from society missiles


Tet Offensive

- January 31, 1968, the U.S isn't on high alert and were attacked in 100 places.
- This was the turning point in the war, because now we were losin.


The United Nations Resolution 629

1. Gives Sudam Hussein 6 weeks to pull out of Kuwait
2. If he doesnt, we can use force


UN Resolution #181

- Creates a homeland for the Jews in Palestine
- Create 2 states in Palestine
- UN creates Israel
-Day its created, Egypt attacks


USS Cole

- US Navy ship attacked by Alcaeda
- Docked in Yemen
- 17 soldiers killed
- Boat bomb



- Nixon sent informants to go tap the democratic headquarters.
- Nixon fired the people investigating him, extremely sketch.


We need 4 or 5 Hitlers in Vietnam

- Nguyen Cao Ky said this
- He admired him because he pulled a country together when it was in a terrible state in the early thirties



- A website where government secrets are leaked.
- Not all the files are true