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Jumpmaster team qualifications

a) grad of JM; b) SGT or above (USMC CPL, USAF SRA); c) safety x 2 before AJ; d) safety x 2 & AJ x 2 before PJ.


JM Currency

a) baseline: safety x 2 & AJ x 1 w/in 180 days; b) Novice must be AJ or PJ every 180 days; c) SR/MSTR Abn can safety, AJ, or PJ every 180 days


JM Team duties areas

a) unit; b) departure airfield; c) in flight


When do JM duties begin

upon notification


Once the PJ is notified, they will receive the following

1) mission and ground tactical plan; 2) air movement plan; 3) names of AJ/Safety, time/place for brief; 4) Trans; 5) tactical cross load plan; 6) weather decision; 7) type of a/c, special items of equip, A-series containers; 8)a/c tail #s, chalk numbers, parking spots; 9) landing plan; air item turn-in; 10) air item turn-in plan; 11) med spt plan; 12) receive the timeline from the backwards planning and begin execution.


Components of landing plan

DZs, TOTs, delivery sequence, #/type of loads, types of drops.



1) PJ notifies rest of JM team & determines responsibilities; 2) manifest; 3) PJ will conduct a full RXL


What can the PJ delegate

Duty but not responsibility.


Sustained ABN TRN

1) @ unit area or departure airfield; 2) must be w/in 48 hrs of take-off; 3) min includes pre-jump, PLF, & mock door; 4) PLF platform must be min 24 inches tall; 5) ensure jumpers conduct training to standard


Mock door training

1) must have a suitable mock up to replicate; 2) includes SERJT/E; 3) load in reverse order & reinforce ABN CDR tactical cross-load; 4) min of 2x mock door RXL w/ one being for the planned ABN operation.


Parts of SERJT/E

Static line control
Exiting procedures
Red light procedures
Jump refusals
Towed Jumper procedures
Emergency procedures


Duties of JM TM at departure airfield

1) pre-jump / PLF / mock door
2) PJ reports to DACO for updates
3) JM TM reports to DACO for serious incident brief & sign the serious incident brief roster
4) Distribute manifest copies
5) PJ briefs aircrew
6) Safety & AJs remain w/ chalk


Duties of JM TM in flight

1) be aware of a/c's position at all times
2) Safety's monitor med state of jumpers
3) enforce all flight rules
4) issue all time warnings & jump commands
5) perform proper paratroop door checks
6) control exiting of jumpers & a-series containers
7) safeties control static lines
8) safeties turn over air items to parachute issue point at departure airfield
9) all personnel or equipment that need to be turned over to DACO.


Safety duties during exits

1) control USLM
2) final clear to the rear checking for towed jumpers (thumbs up to other safety)
3) recover deployment bags


Safety static line trace

from spring opening gate of the USLM to main curved pin protector flap.


Aircrew briefing

1) normally 1 hr prior to take-off
2) Agree upon station time
3) load configuration; if a/c not configured properly or paratroop door inop; using unit can reject a/c
4) time warnings & checkpoints
5) drop altitude, speed, & heading
6) towed parachutist procedures
7) type of drop
8) times
9) joint inspection of a/c


Safety & AJ duties at departure airfield

1) Maintain accountability
2) JM TM draws their own parachutes
3) AKBs & UPRG for deployment bags
4) 2x additional reserves & additional sets of tuck tab inserts
5) ensure jumpers don main and reserve parachutes


How many deployment bags per AKBs or UPRGs

aviator kit bags - 15
universal parachutist recovery bags - 30


JM TM responsibilities for JMPI

1) PJ oversees, not supposed to be a primary JMPI
2) non-current JM can run the corrections station
3) JM will route the appropriate adjustable leg strap


T-11 main parachute major componets

1) universal static line modified
2) deployment bag
3) drogue parachute
4) deployment sleeve
5) bridle assembly
6) canopy assembly
7) slider
8) riser assembly
9) harness assembly
10) pack tray


T-11 main parachute description

troop back, static line deployed, non-maneuverable canopy


T-11 main parachute rate of decent

18.5 feet per second w/ a max suspended weight of 400 lbs.


T-11 main avg deployment time

approximately 6.5 seconds


T-11 main drop speeds

Min: 50 kts
Ideal: 130 kts
Max: 150 kts


T-11 main weight

approximately 38 lbs


How is the T-11 main activated

universal static line modified


T-11 reserve parachute componets

1) protection cap
2) ejector spring assembly
3) reserve closing loop
4) reserve extractor
5) reserve canopy assembly
6) reserve riser assembly
7) reserve pack tray
8) ripcord assembly


T-11 reserve parachute description

troop, chest mounted, emergency type parachute, which is designated to be manually activated in the event of a main parachute malfunction.


T-11 reserve rate of descent

approximately 26 feet per second w/ a max suspended weight of 400 lbs.


T-11 reserve avg deployment time

approximately .9 seconds