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What can be selected in CSS?

Elements, class, ID


What is an HTML Element?

The components of html that build the content structure of the web page.
Always have triangular brackets


What is an html Attribute?

Describes an element
A kind of meta data


What is an opening element?

Doesnt have a leading forward slash


Closing element?

Has a leading forward slash


What are empty or stand alone elements?

Doesnt need the closing element to work properly


What is correct nesting?

The tags/elements should not overlap


What does it mean to validate web code?

Running your code througg a web validator to analyze your code. It will point out an error or if you are not following W3C best practices.


How does html and css seperate content and presentation?

Html structures content
Css styles the presentation of the content
Css handles positioning, colours etc


How do we look at code?

Web inspector, right click view source, F12 inspect elements
Web inspector is more powerful because you can view the html, css, and even box model


What is a div?

General block line element, starts a new line


What is a span?

A generic line element.


What is a semantic div?

Prenames div. E.g. header, body, footer, nav, aside, section
This makes your code more readable


What is semantic html?

Using an html element the way it was intended
Ex unordered list used an an unordered list


What is the header elemet?

A semantic div
Content is displayed in web browser
Eg logo, navigation


What is a head element?

Links to external css, identifies language being used. Meta data of the page, set favicon, charactor impoduim


Block line element

Breaking elements- div


Inline elements

Non breaking elements-span


What is an html entity?

Character entity/html escape character


Html attribution

Describes an html element


How do style sheets cascade?

Styles can cascade from one style sheet to another, enabling multiple style sheets to be used on one html document


3 ways to include css

External, embedded, inline
External-linked in head and cleanest


What is absolute measurment?

Fixed size, stays the same with each viewport


Relative measurment

Changes with the viewport, like percentages or em


Where is the internet

A network of network


What is a css selector

Css rule uses to select what style will apply to or what it will target eg elements, classes, id


How is static web content served

Clients request page from web server, this then goes to the database server and works its way back with the html file


What are the components of a web application?

Client, request, server


How is dynamic web content served?

Client requests page from the web server, browser makes dns lookup and finds correct application server, this then goes to the databasr server and works its way back with the html file


What is client-server architecture?

Websites, web servers, printers, enail client, online video games


What is dns

Domain name system- this maintains the directory of domain names and translates them to ip addresses


What is tcp/ip

Tra smission control protocol internet protocol


Describe Ip addresses

Unique. 4 octects a limited number


What is an HTTP Response – The response codes:

100 Informational Response
200 Success
300 Redirection
400 Client Errors – Error code 418 / I’m a little teapot . Error code 420 / Enhance your calm
500 Server Errors


Why isnt web development easy?

Having to code for many different browsers & view ports. Having to accommodate for the many different OS


What is the fold?

Everything on the top of the web page before having to scroll down. Comes from a newspaper being folded in half


What is a web page?

an html document


what is a web site?

a collection of html documents


What are Css fonts?

Font is the typeface. CSS Allows you to assign a specific typeface, like arial Helvetica sans-serif. Arial is the the standard sans-serif on Windows, Helvetica is the standard sans-serif on OSX


3 Things you need to deploy your website?

domain name
Go to a domain registrar, buy an available domain, point it to your domain servers. Attach it to your hosting server. Upload your content.


Filezilla – FTP Service

The most important part is that you are connected to port 22 (SFTP SSH port) so your username and pass is encrypted so anyone with network access can’t view your stuff!!!!!! Port 21 isn’t encrypted


Why do you want to check to make sure it works right after you’ve deployed the website?

You’ve changed the environment! You gotta check it….


What are the pro tips: know some at least

1. What problem are we trying to solve – What outcome are you looking for?
2. KEY to success – keep educating yourself
3. Begin with the end in mind – have your goal in sight when you are problem solving
4. How you say things is as important as what you say – Don’t make the user feel stupid
5. Don’t live with broken windows – Fix problems asap or else it’ll just get worse
6. Don’t repeat yourself – DRY – Using CSS!
7. Stop starting start finishing
8. Fix the problem, not the blame – fix the problem & the problem is solved! Put them blame on someone and literally nothing gets fixed now
9. How am I being measured? – When are we measured, who measures us, when do we measure others, who do we measure? How you’re being measured has a lot to do with your success and how to be successful.


What are two ways to access web pages

Click the link on webpage
Type in the address


What are the parts of a css rule set

Selector {property: value}
Eg h1 {colour: blue}


What are 3 attributes of meta data

Character set (charser utf-8)
Name-eg key words description
Content-value to be used for an itrm specificied by name attribute


What is a web hosting service

Provides space on a server that is connected to the internet
Can be used to select/reguster a domain name
Can find unregisteted domain name and reguster it for you