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What are the two general explanations for obedience?

The agentic shift
Legitimacy of authority


What are the three situational variables affecting obedience?

Uniform (Bickmans New York study)
Proximity (Milgrams learner moved to same room)
Location (Milgrams experiment in Bridgeport)


What are the dispositional variables affecting obedience?

The autorotation personality explanation ( Milgrams experiment repeated whilst testing participants F Scale Scores)


What is the agentic shift?

Obedience occurs when you move from working autonomously (in charge of your actions) and shift to worming as an agent for someone else (don't see yourself as responsible)

Milgram argues that when people are given orders they are more likely to carry them out if they choose shift the bake into the person who delivered it


What research support is their into the agentic shift?

Milgrams did a variation of his study where the researchers gave orders down the phone

OBEDIENCE DROPPED FROM 68% TO JUST 20% suggesting the participant saw themselves as more responsible when the person giving the orders wasn't in the room


What is legitimacy of authority?

This explanation says obedience only occurs when the person who's giving the order is seen as a a true authority


What research is their to support the legitimate authority explanation?

Milgram repeated his study in the poorer area of Bridgeport and billed it as market resend rather than a scientific enquiry

Obedience dropped from 68% to 47% suggesting that participants didn't see the men from the market research business as an authority as at the experiment in Yale


What does proximity mean?

How close you are to a potential victim of your obedient


What research was done into proximity?

Milgram investigated this by changing his experiment do the participant had to physically hold hands with the learner

In this variation 30% went to 450V compared to 68% in the original


What is a situational variable?

Changes that can be made to the environment to tear their effect on obedience


What is the F-Scale?

30 questions assessing the different aspects of people's personalities and how authoritarian they are


What research was done into the F Scale?

Milgram and Elms replicated the original Milgram study snd gave participants the f scale questionnaire
-the highly obedient were found to have higher f scale scores