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What is VPs Mission Statement?

• Save the Planet - Increase mass adoption of renewables to combat climate change.
• Love Each Other - Treat your clients and your coworkers with care and respect
• Help Your Wallet - Help homeowners save money, help each other prosper.


What is SPK?

Salt, Pepper, Ketchup. How many people did you Speak to, Pitch to, and how many homes did you Knock?


Name 3 pitches to get in a house.

1. Wiping shoes to indicate motion inwards.
2. Asking for energy bill and pointing inside.
3. Asking where breaker box is, and how we should take a quick peak.


Smoke Screen: I don't have a bill

That’s not a problem! I have one of your neighbors that I can show you. All of your neighbors felt it made a lot more sense when I was able to break it down for them on their bill.


Smoke Screen: I don't like the way it looks on the roof.

You’re probably thinking about the old solar that stands up off the roof. I agree, that does look terrible but the new technology will allow it to be flush to the roof.
**If panels will go on back of the roof let them know that and aesthetically it will not change the curb appeal of the home**


Smoke Screen: Give me a card/information

I'll be sure to leave you all the necessary information when we're done. (Keep moving forward!)


Smoke Screen: I'm not interested

I understand how you feel, many people I speak to about this feel the exact same way, but what they find is that once I was able to explain everything to him, it was a no brainer!


Smoke Screen: I'm busy

No problem, I'm pretty busy myself, and I actually have an appointment in this area in a bit. When is a better time to come back?


Objections: What if I move?

That is a great question! On average, it increases the resale value of your up up to 24%. You will be able to list your home as energy efficient, so when you look to sell you will be attracting a while new demographic of buyer. So, the longer you have solar, the more valuable your home becomes.


Objections: What if I want to remove the panels? What is my commitment?

Everyone who gets installations want these on their roofs forever. If you are already thing about how you can get them off, then I'll be transparent with you, this may not be the right program for you.


Objections: Sounds too good to be true...

That's what everyone thinks until the panels are installed. Once the install grew walks away with nothing more than a handshake, you'll see how easy this process is.


3-tab shingles

Older, basic rectangle shingles.


Architectural shingles

Newer, look nicer, thicker, more square instead of rectangle. If roof is older, we may be able to include it in the project, don't promise this though.


Is this solar?

Yes. This program, thanks to government and state incentives, is able to get installed with no cost out of pocket and lowers your monthly bill.


4 Pivot questions

Do you know about much do you spend on electricity on average?
Would you say you get a couple hours of sun each day?
When is the last time your roof was replaced?
Do you have more than one layer on your roof?


Objection: “Too busy now”

No problem. Only reason I’m out here is because they are cutting the tax credit next year, I basically just show you what we can do and if it makes sense, there’s almost zero time or effort on your part. Just let us do our thing. (close)


Main disqualifying things to move on

-not the owner
-5+ objections (3 strike rule)
-rude, insulting, obnoxious
-one-legged, won’t acknowledge spouse/fellow decision makers
-Foreclosure/Bankruptcy/Bad Credit
-Recent Divorce/Death in the immediate Family or Elderly with Dementia


What information do you need to gather before setting an appointment?

Name, if they are the home owner, address, phone, email, if credit is over 650.