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What is family diversity?

In any one era, no particular type of family is dominant or can be considered the norm


What impact did OAKLEY say about the media and family diversity?

Marketing and advertising often tries to sell products to what it sees as a typical family.


What was a cereal packet image of the family and who stated it?

Image of the family presented as a nuclear family with a male breadwinner, female housewife and children



How did THORNE criticise the portrayal of the cereal packet family?

Gender, generation, race and class result in widely varying experiences of family life
Many diverge from nuclear family


What did RAPOPORT point out about the nuclear family in Britain?

The nuclear family has become a minority


What was the percentage of nuclear families in 1971 and 2010?

1971= 35%
2010= 21%


What did the RAPOPORTS identify to be the main 5 types of diversity?

1. Organizational diversity: variation in family structure

2. Cultural diversity: differences in lifestyles between families of different ethnicities

3. Social class diversity

4. Stage in the life-cycle

5.Cohort: group of people born over same period of time


What did ALLAN & CROW state were reasons for diversification?

-Rising divorce rate
-Increase in lone parent household
-Cohabitation becoming increasingly acceptable
-Declining marriage rate
-Rise in number of stepfamilies


What does WEEKS, HEAPHEY & DONOVAN state about new types of diversity?

Increase in gay and lesbian households contributes to the increase in diversity.


What is the difference in the percentage of lone parents between 1971 and 2011?

1971= 8%
2011= 22%


What are the 2 factors ALLAN & CROW explain for the increase in lone parenthood?

-an increase in marital breakdown
-a rise in births to unmarried mothers

*increase acceptance of diversity and choice in family life


What was MORGAN’s view on changing relationships between men and women?

See the changing relationship as -important
- greater equality between sexes: more feasible for women to bring up children
-more employment opportunities for women encourage independent life


What are some of the negative effects of lone parenthood on children?

-greater chance of living in poverty
-children doing less well in education
-children being more likely to become delinquent or use drugs


What does MURRAY believe to be the result of the increase in lone parenthood?

-Over-generous welfare system
*makes possible for lone parents to live on benefits

-See lone parent as part of a welfare-dependent underclass

(Criticised=limited research)


What did ALLAN and CROW say about lone mothers?

-Lone mothers find new partner within a few years

-do not rely on benefits throughout a offsprings childhood


What are the largest minority ethnic groups in Britain?

-South Asian
-African Caribbean


What was BHATTI’s research on Asian families?

In-depth interviews

-Saw Izzat was taken very seriously
-Mothers saw family roles as most important duty in life
-Fathers took breadwinner role


What is Izzat within Asian families?

Principle of family honour


What did the 'Policy Studies Institute' find about British African Caribbean household?

-Had fewer long-term relationships than other groups
-More likely to have children outside marriage
-Above average rates of divorce and separation


What was CHAMBERLAIN'S research on Afro-Caribbean families?

Found brothers, sisters, uncles and aunts play important role in Afro-Caribbean families than British

Siblings assist in being up younger siblings


What did REYOLDS say about Afro-Caribbean families?

Despite large number of female-headed households, diversity is main characteristic of family life.

As well as nuclear families & female headed families, visiting relationships are common where female head has male partner who regularly visits.


What did CHESTER say about families since WW2?

Since WW2:
-Most people still marry and stay married
-Most children reared by natural parents
-Most people live in household headed by married couple


What changes did SOMERVILLE say were happening in the family?

-Sex outside marriage is becoming common
-More couples choose not to have children
-Increasing number of lone parents
-Greater diversity as result of variations in family