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What are the six types of diversity according to the rapaports?

1)Structural e.g variations in family size and type of family
2)Domestic Diversity e.g how couples organise labour
3)cultural diversity
4)class diversity
5)life cycle e.g stages in life
6)cohort diversity - a group of people born over the same period


What do rapports believe about family diversity?

That we have to acknowledge the Uk is no longer one family type and should be celebrating 'family diversity'.


Why is the amount of lone parent families increasing?

-Increase in divorce and separation
-Less stigma attached
-increase in women having children and not getting married
-Younger people are now accepting parenthood outside marriage than older people
- Courts are more likely to give custody to females


What are reconstituted families?

Families that are made up of a divorced or widowed person who have remarried and have children from previous marriages


Why is there an increase in singlehood?

Increase In female employment and opportunities - Gender quake
High education expansionsion - delaying marriage
Changes in attitudes towards women
Increase in divorce
LATS have increased


What do the New Right think about the single parent family? and sexual diversity is families?

These families are second rate and imperfect as they put pressure on the welfare state,lead to children not doing as well in education.-Charles Murray sees the growth as due to an over generous welfare state,creating a dependency culture

sexual diversity set ups are unnatural as the children will be bullied in school


What does cohabitation mean?

When two people live together in a relationships but aren't legally married


Why has there been an increase in cohabitation?

-increasingly expensive to get married
-people are getting married later
-womens independence
-alternative in the media
-awareness of divorce


What is a beanpole family?

A multigenerational family in which each generation has one or very few members


what is structural/organisational diversity?

refers to variation in family structure e.g reconstituted families,bean pole families,one parent family


what is domestic diversity?

diversity in the way men and women organise their domestic division of labour


what is cohort diversity?

this is a group of people born over the same period of time,they often experience different patterns of family life compared to their parents generations


what are the four other types of diversity?

-sexual diversity
-new reproductive technologies
-regional diversity
-friendship networks


what is meant by new reproductive technologies?

-e.g test tube babies adding to the complexity of possible family types


what are the reasons for diversification?

1)rising divorce rate
2)increase in lone parent families
3)decline in marriages
4)cohabitation has become increasingly acceptable


what are the criticisms of new rights theory of lone parent families?

-under 16 contraception has fallen
-welfare benefits aren't generous
-arent collected by the government so may be inaccurate
-Small samples


what are the challenges facing reconstituted families?

-children may find themselves torn between parents
- Tense relationship may form
-Greater risk of poverty due to increase in number