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What are the three main causes of fatigue?

Depression, Anxiety, Thyroid d/o


What is the name of the screening tool we use for depression?



What vital sign are we most concerned with for fatigue?

Temp--> fever


What are some PE findings that may be associated with fatigue?

Skin: jaundice, pallor, dryness, rash
Eyes: diabetic retinopathy, scleral icterus, pale conjunctiva
Throat: goiter, petechia, exudates
Lymph nodes: note distribution
CV: murmurs, hemorrhagic petechiae
Pulm: consolidation, rales, dyspnea
Abd: organomegaly, masses, ascites
Rectal exam: occult blood


What are some DDx of fatigue?

Depression, anxiety, antihypertensive drugs, hypothyroidism, DM, malignancy, mononucleosis, HIV, CHF, COPD, OSA, GERD