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Generally, what are the fine maximums?

$250,000 for felony or misd. resulting in death
$100,000 for Class A Misd.
$5000 for other offenses
18 USC 3571


What amount may a D be fined related to the gain or loss?

Fine may be twice the gain to D or loss to Vic.
18 USC 3571(d)


Are fines required?

Statute merely authorizes 18 USC 3571
Guidelines require, unless: D not about to pay, even in installments; (2) fine cause undue burden
Guidelines, Without a fine CRT must still take some punitive action, community service is the preferred method


What is the Guideline minimum and maximum fines?

MIn: the minimum fine in the SG table or pecuniary gain less any restitution paid
Max: maximum in table or twice the gross loss to Vic. OR 3 times gross gain to ALL participants in offense


Can you "probate" a fine?

Yes, UNLESS probation is not an option for the offense level (i.e. Class A or B Felony)


What if a D doesn't pay a fine?

D may go to prison, only if:
1. D willfully refused to pay the delinquent amount of fine or had failed to make sufficient bona fide efforts to pay the fine; or
2. In light of the nature of the offense and the characteristics of the person, alternatives to imprisonment are not adequate to serve the purposes of punishment and deterrence

NOTICE: Failure to pay fine is a separate offense: up to one year in jail and $10,000 fine (or balance of unpaid fine) 18 USC 3615


What is a "Special Assessment"?

$100 for each felony
$5 to $25 for each misd.
It's constitutional... just money that gets collected