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When in a cycle is the uterus most susceptible to infection? Why?

The luteal phase of the cycle because progesterone depresses defense mechanisms. In contrast, there is an up regulation of T and D lymphocytes during oestrous


What effect does acute endometrial inflammation have on the corpus leteum?

Increase production of prostaglandin causes lysis of corpus luteum.


What effect does chronic endometrial inflammation have on the corpus luteum?

Epithelial and mucosal surface loss causes decreased production of prostaglandin and a persistent corpus luteum.


What is the difference between a true hermaphrodite and a pseudohermaphrodite?

A true hermaphrodite (rare) has both male and female gonadal tissue (ovotestis) and are often phenotypically female with masculinisation. A pseudohermaphrodite has a mismatch between the tubular/external genitalia and the gonadal sex and are often male genotypically but female phenotypically.


What is freemartinism?

Twins (male+female) have a common placental blood circulation and the male hormones inhibit the development of the female foetus's reproductive tract - infertile.


What develelopmental anomaly would cause this pathology?

Segmental uterine aplasia, causing a build up of secretions.


What are the two main reasons for an infantile reproductive system?

Genetic and nutritional


What is the most common ovarian neoplasm in large animals?

Granulosa cell tumor


What is this pathological change?
What causes it in ewes?
What causes it in bitches?

Cystic endometrial hyperplasia
Prolonged estrogenism often due to ingestion of estrogenic clovers
Unsure pathogenisis in bitches, but bacteria almost always present.  Is the bacteria the cause or does the cystic endometrial hyperplasia predispose to bacterial growth?


Maceration of a foetus requires what?

Bacteria.  May be cause of abortion or secondary invaders


If an aborted foetus is autolysed, then foetus probably...

died too quickly to initiate parturition


What samples would you take when investigating an abortion?

Serum from dam, placenta and foetus


What signs may be seen in a foetus aborted due to herpesvirus?

multifocal necrosis/haemorrhage in liver