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Def of Artifact:

inaccurate recording of the FHR, due to misplacement of the cardiotachometer


Def of Acidosis:

Abnormal excess H ion concentrations in tissues that is due to increased acid buildup or increased loss of base


What's the range of normal FHR?



Def of Contraction Stress Test:

biophysical fetal surveillance test that assesses fetal placental respiratory reserve by the FHR's response to uterine contractions. It requires 3 contractions lasting 40 to 60 seconds in duration over a ten min period of observation of the FHR via electronic fetal monitoring.

The underlying premise is that a borderline-oxygenated fetus will demonstrate late
decelerations when under stress induced by uterine contractions. Contractions are
either spontaneous or elicited through nipple stimulation and/or oxytocin.


What are some causes of Sinusoidal FHR pattern? (3)

1. Severe fetal anemia from isoimmunization
2. fetal maternal transfusion
3. Placental abruption


In general what is the duration of normal labor?

3 hours


Describe the 1st stage of labor:

Begins with onset of regular uterine contractions and ends with complete cervicaldilation (10 cm)


Describe the 2nd stage of labor

Begins with full dilation and ends with delivery of the infant.


Describe the 3rd stage of labor

Commences with delivery of infant and ends with delivery of placenta


Describe the 4th stage of labor

Described as hour after delivery of the placenta and is when risk of postpartum hemorrhage is the greatest.


The first stage of labor is divided in what 3 phases?

1. Early (latent) phase
2. Active phase
3. Transition phase


What does the phases in the first stage of labor describe?

Describes cervical effacement & dilation changes that results from the increasing frequency, intensity, and duration of uterine contractions.


How long does the early phase of the 1st stage usually last?

6~8 hours and begins with the onset of uterine contractions and ends with cervical dilation of ~3 cm.


How long does the active phase of 1st stage usually last?

5~7 hours and is characterized by regular uterine contractions occurring every 2~4 min and lasts about a 1 min, which results in progressive cervical dilation from 4~7 cm.


How long does the transition phase last? how would you describe it?

The transition phase of the
first stage of labor is the most intense phase and the shortest, generally
lasting from 30 minutes to 1½ hours. This phase is characterized by
uterine contractions occurring every 1½ to 2 minutes lasting 60 to 90
seconds, which result in rapid cervical dilation to 10 cm.