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How long did the influence of a Judge last?

It never last


When Joshua died what 3 things did the children of Israel begin to do because they didn't know the Lord?

1.) Intermarry
2.) Forget the Lord
3.) Worship baal


In his anger what did the Lord do to the children of Israel when they broke covenant?

Sells them to an enemy


What are the examples of the "Minor Judges" meant to show us?

Even tho they may have been been quiet or not as well know they were still able to give theirselves to the affairs of the people. Collectively there 45 years of peace with the minor judges.


What is the implication of Judges 10:10-13 for us?

God is a deliverer.


What does the life of Jephthah show about the opportunity to serve in the kingdom?

God gives us ALL equal OPPORTUNITY to EXCEL in the Kingdom.


How did God shape Jephthah's character to become the deliverer of Israel? And how does this speak to our difficulties?

God allowed Jephthah to be rejected by his brothers because he is going to develop character in Jephthah that can only come through this rejection of others.

It reminds us that just because we are going through something doesn't always mean we understand the bigger picture God has for our lives.


What does Jephthah's life teach us about where promotion comes from and how does this affect ministry?

Promotion comes from the Lord, we just have to wait it out.

We as ministers must remember remember where promotion comes from and learn to wait on the position God wants for our lives.


Show how in class the instructor suggested God may not have required Jephthah and also us to keep a foolish vow?

There are 6 different reasons why God didn't require Jephthah to keep his vow.


The Law allowed the____________of a vow by offering a sacrifice or_______________of animal or money.

Release, Substitute


The fulfillment of Vow says 3 times she mourns her______________not her coming_________________.

Virginity, death


The result of fulfilling the vow was not a description of her_____________but that she________________no man.

Death, knew


It became of custom for Israel to__________this act. Israel would never, as bad as they got, honor an act of human____________.

Lament, Sacrifice


Jephthah is in_____________the "hall of faith" God would have never let me be if this horrific thing had occurred.

Hebrew 11


The whole lesson is____________making any_____________vows to God.

Against, rash


What do we see in Samson's life regarding his choice for either doing it God way or choosing his flesh?

He always chose his flesh. He doesn't value the things of the Lord, blessings of the Lord, what it means to walk with the Lord, to obey God, to serve God.


Anytime the choice comes for doing it God's way or hooding his flesh....he just____________his____________.

Chooses, flesh


How does the principal, "Leave a door open for the devil, & he will bring a Delilah into your life." Speak to ministry today?

Delilah destroyed Samson's life. It's saying Guard yourself because the enemy can bring something or someone just like Delilah to slowly compromise and destroy your life. Don't date who you cannot marry.


Discuss what God's patience, or continued anointing, it should never be understood as what?



What 3 things does sin do? List modern example as well.



Discuss the negative theme we learn from Samson's life and how it speaks to your ministry.

The negative theme is its a lesson on what not to do with God's anointing. It warns us that the enemy can appear in many forms and just because we are anointed doesn't make us untouchable.


Discuss the positive theme we learn from Samson's life and how it speaks to your ministry.

The positive theme is it reveals God is a God of 2nd chances. In ministry if you fall, you will most certainly have to pay the price but God is a merciful God that will never leave you.


Discuss how Judges 19-21 cannot occur without 17-18

To be determined(No notes on this)


Ruth shows us that a life can be tough in a fallen world but what will God do?

To be determined(No notes on this)


Ruth shows us that lives lived in simple obedience if often what?

To be determined(No notes on this)


What was the 3 part process that was typically involved in God bringing a judge or King to power?



Explain the cycle of Sin in Judges.

A.) Israelites turn to idol worship
B.) God lets enemy rule over them
C.) The Lord Delivers Israel through Judges
D.) God tests Israel through Canaanites