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What is the Episcopal form of church govenment and their ultimate authority?

Ultimate Authority: Christ and several of the church leaders hold equal authority.

Church Government: Bishops are to be in charge of church matters.


Discuss Epistomology and the weakness of using intuion, reason, and empirisism alone to find direction in Christian counceling.

Epistomology: How they purpose how they know what they know.

Intuition: Is our gut telling us it is right or wrong, however we can't trust our gut if we aren't basically good.

Reason: Our reasoning is flawed for we are flawed. "His ways are far above our ways"

Empiricism: Is just data with no interprative guide. They have nothing to back up their morals, if everyone did what they thought was right the world would be chaos.


Why is it important to have a solid view of Biblical Anthropology, as well as recognizing the view of the Christian councelor?

Anthropology: You have to know what foundation the counselor is building on.

Are people basically good or do they need to use and apply Godly wisdom and principals to their life. The real problem we are dealing with is sin.


What does Freud suggest sould be the counselors job (3 areas) and contrast that with biblical directives.

1. Shift blame

2. Never side with the superego

3. Always side with your desires

No matter how much you shift blame you will always have the guilt and you will never have peace. ( Romans 2, Eph. 4:17-19)


What is the Presbyterian form of church government and who has the ultimate authority.

Government: Board of Elders

Ultimate Authority: Christ but they choose to be His representatives & are leaders for spiritual direction.


What is the congragational form of church government and who has the ultimate authority?

Government: Congragation elect pastor, they fellowship with churches that hold the same belief with them.

Ultimate Authority: No authority but Christ


What is the Apostolic pattern in the NT for Church Government and what does that mean foe organizations or fellowships in terms of who has the ultimate authority?

Pastors are appointed over local church and they are accountable to that chutch.

They elect their own elders, ministers, decons.

They are charged to maintain sound doctrine.


What was the root cause of neglect in the 19th century reguarding study in the area of demonology?

There was an influence in antisupernatural rationalism. Especially when it came to theology. When it came to supernatural asoects, they were either outright ignored or were severly down played.


What effect did 20th postmodernism have on the study of demonology and spiritual warfare, and specifically what did it one us away from as our source or authority? What did it replace it with?

There was a renewed interest in the spiritual aspect of life.

They blamed their lives problems on spirits rahter than bad choices.

Urban myths over the Bible. 


What is the basis of the human/ divine relationship and what did that allow?

God gave us free will. This gave us the choice to choose to reject Him which resulted in the fall.


What one word, as discussed in calss, defines the fall and what three areas did it affect? How does this manifest as sin and brokeness today?


This effected relationship with (1) God (2) self (3) and others.

It manifests in sin and brokeness by:

- Broken marriages, child, parent relationships

- manipulation to use people

- depression and suicide