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What are the angulation angles and the field of view angles for a 2.7 diameter FFOB?

Angulation angles =130 -180 Field of view = 90°


What lubricant spray is used for FFOBs?



What are the components of an FFOB?

Light source angulation control injection and suction ports Instrument ports Suction attachment


What should you always do when you're setting up the F FOB

You should wear gloves never use bare hands


How should you clear the channel when cleaning Up the FFOB

Clear the channel With Saline suctioning


What three directional movements are possible with the FFOB?

1) Longitudinal movement along the long axis allows you to enter and leave the airway 2) Rotational movement around the long axis permits you to move through approximately 180° either clockwise or counterclockwise 3) Angulation movement using the angulation control provides flexion and extension of the tip from 90°- 180° in opposite Directions


If the FFOB has an outside diameter of 2.8 mm what field of view, in degrees, will it allow?



What type of breathing circuit connections are available with an FFOB

Mask LMA ETT EBT (endobronchial tube)


What techniques can be used to create air space for an FFOB

Jaw thrust Pulling the tongue out of the mouth with either section for a gauze


What type of catheter can be used with the FFOB as a guide for the ETT into the glottis

Aintree Catheter


CDC disinfection guidelines for endoscopes

To prevent the spread of health-care–associated infections, all heat-sensitive endoscopes (e.g., gastrointestinal endoscopes, bronchoscopes, nasopharygoscopes) must be properly cleaned and, at a minimum, subjected to high-level disinfection after each use. High-level disinfection can be expected to destroy all microorganisms, although when high numbers of bacterial spores are present, a few spores might survive


According to Dr. Hall's slides Plan B would include what when attempting the difficult airway

ETT introducer


According to Dr. Hall's slides plan D would include what for the difficult airway

HPOV/retrograde Guide wire assisted intubation