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What powers or operates the ailerons and elevators

A & B hydraulics, then manual reversion


CONDITiON: An attempt to bank the aircraft to the left results in no lateral movement of the wings. Which statement best describes the problem and a solution

Ailerons jammed; 1st Officer controls roll with spoilers


Which answer is correct regarding elevator feel system operation

Operates with either "A" or "B" system pressure available


What does an illuminated elevator FEEL DIFF PRESS light indicate

Excessive differential pressure is sensed by the elevator feel computer with the flaps up


Which statement is correct for mach trim system operation

Operates automatically above .615 mach and moves the elevator


How is a mach trim system, single channel failure indicated

MACH TRIM FAIL light, FLT CONT annunciator and MASTER CAUTION lights come on when recall is activated


Which statement is correct for the stabilizer trim system

Main electric trim speed is faster with flaps extended


What is the function of the STAB TRIM CUTOUT switches(500)

Shuts off autopilot and main electric trim motors


What action is requires to stop a runaway stabilizer trim

Move control column in opposite direction of runaway trim to remove power from both autopilot and main electric trim motors


Which statement contains some of the conditions necessary for the automatic speed trim system to function

During low speed flight, at a low gross weight, and with an aft CG, it used the autopilot stab trim to trim the aircraft


What indicates to the crew that the speed trim system is operating

Stabilizer trim wheel rotates at autopilot stab trim speed with the autopilot not engaged


How is a dual channel speed trim failure indicated

SPEED TRIM FAIL, FLT CONT annunciator, and mASTER CAUtIoN lights illuminate


Which answer best describes the operation of the rudder

Powered by either "A" ,"B", or Standby hydraulic systems


Which statement is correct regarding the aileron and rudder trim systems

Both Hydraulic and Electrical power are required for each system to trim the aircraft


When is the Wheel to Rudder Interconnect System (WTRIS) used(7,8,9)

Manual reversion, only available when both FLT CONTROL switches are positioned to SBY RUD and the YAW DAMPER switch has been reset to ON


Which statement regarding the yaw damper system is correct

Uses "B" hydraulic system pressure and provides rudder deflection commands and turn coordination


Which actions trip the YAW DAMPER switch to the OFF position

"B" FLT CONTROL switch placed to OFF or SBY RUD


What is the hydraulic power source for the ground spoilers

"A" system for both inboard and outboard ground spoilers


Which action causes the flight spoilers to deploy at touchdown with the speed brake lever ARMED

Wheel spin- up occurs on any two main wheels


What occurs after touchdown when all spoiler panels are deployed and either throttle is advanced

The SPEED BRAKE lever automatically moves to the down detent and all Ground and Flight spoilers retract


All spoiler panels extend when a takeoff is rejected above 60 kts and

The reverse thrust levers are positioned to reverse thrust


What does an illuminated SPEED BRAKE ARMED light indicate

Speed brake lever is selected to ARMED with valid system inputs


When approaching a stall angle of attack, what does the autoslat system provide

Automatic slat extension to the "full extend" position with trailing edge flaps at the 1 through 5 positions


When is the Power Transfer Unit (PTU) activated with flaps 1 through 5 selected

Loss of system "B" engine driven pump pressure


How does the Power Transfer Unit provide power for the autoslat system

Allows system "A" pressure to power a hydraulic pump which pressurizes system " B" fluid


What is the max altitude for flap extension

20000 ft


Which statement is correct for operation of the alternate flap system

No asymmetry protection is provided and LE devices cannot be retracted


With an amber LE TRANSIT light on ( normal conditions), which other light(s) will illuminate on the forward panels



At cruise, what does an illuminated AUTO SLAT FAIL light, MaSTER CAUTION light, and FLT CONT light indicate(No Recall)

A dual channel autoslat computer failure


What occurs when the alternate flap position switch is held in the down position with the ALTERNATE FLAPS master switch in the ARM position

Electric motor extends trailing edge flaps, and the leading edge control valve opens to hydraulically extend the leading edge devices


Speedbrakes inflight

Should not be deployed at RA less than 1000' nor with flaps extended beyond 15 degrees


With the loss of hydraulic system A and the FEESl DIFF PRESS light illuminated, the elevator feel system is still operative



With normal hydraulic system pressure indications, placing either FLT COnTROL switch to the SBY RUD position, should cause the respective flight control LOW PRESSURE light to illuminate, the extinguish



The takeoff config warning horn will sound if a takeoff is attempted with the speed brake lever in the SPEED BRAKE ARMED position



With the flaps set at 5 for takeoff, which leading edge annunciator will be illuminated on the center instrument panel



With the SPEED BRAKE DO NOT ARM light illuminated before landing, the speed brake lever should be manually moved to _____ after touchdown

Up (all the way back)


The Yaw Damper uses(500)

"B" system hydraulic pressure only


When the leading edge devices are extended with the ALTERNATE FLAPS Position Switch, the LE slats extend to FULL EXT regardless of TE flap position



The MACH TRIm FAIL light, in conjunction with the MASTSeSr CAUTIOn and the System Annunciator FLT CONT light, illuminate if a dual channel failure of the Mach trim occurs



What function does the flap load limiter system provide(500)

It causes the flaps to move from 40 degrees to 30 degrees in event of excessive airspeed


With the hydraulic A system flight control switch in STBY RUD

The Standby hydraulic pump is activated


The trailing edge flaps are at 15 degrees. The correct indication on the aft overhead panel for the leading edge devices is

Leading edge devices( slats) FULL EXT lights are illuminated green


Duty cycle for alternate flap extension to greater than 15 degrees and back to 0 degrees is(one cycle is down and back up)

1 cycle - 25 minutes off


Speed brakes should not be used with flaps greater than 15



The elevator FEEL DIFFERENTIAL PRESSURE light is inhibited when

The flaps are extended


A trailing edge assymetry is sensed

In the trailing edge flap position indicator


The ground spoilers are powered by the "A" hydraulic system and

Can only be powered by the "A" hydraulic sustem


The FLAP INHIBIT position of the GPWS switch

Cancels an alert for landing with flaps less than 30 degrees


The trailing edge flaps are normally operated by

The "B" hydraulic system


When does the 800 Wheel to Rudder Interconnect System begin to operate

Manual reversion
Avail only when both FLT CONTROL switches are positioned to SBY RUD and the YAW DAMPER switch has been reset to ON