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Fundamental RIghts & Test

Strict Scrutiny for race, religion, national origin, and physical disability. Must involve state action.


Strict Scrutiny

law will be upheld if there is a COMPELLING state interest that is accomplished by the LEAST INTRUSIVE MEANS.


Rational Basis

All non-fundamental rights claims. Law will be upheld if there is a LEGITIMATE state interest and the law is RATIONALLY/REASONABLY tailored to accomplish that interest.


equal protection

like the USC, the FLC provides basic equal protection. Under the FLC, strict scrutiny is applied to all fundamental rights and discrimination based on RACE, RELIGION, NATIONAL ORIGIN, and PHYSICAL DISABILITY.


state action

is required for all equal protection claims


freedom of religion, speech & press

same as USC


freedom of assembly

same as USc (peacefully assemble and redress grievances), but FLC adds right to instruct Reps.


organized labor

right to work & right to bargain collectively are fundamental rights and strict scrutiny applies. No one can be denied work because of membership or nonmembership in a union. Both public and private employees have the right to bargain collectively, but public employees have NO right to strike.


military power & right to bear arms

MP is subordinate to civil power. RTBA-licensing requirements do NOT infringe on right. FLC requires 3-day waiting period (excl. wknds & holidays) between "purchase" (transfer of money/value) and delivery of any "handgun" (capable of being carried in one hand). Does not apply to trades or to ppl w/ a concealed weapons permit (CCW). County may further restrict by requiring background checks and 3-5 day waiting period.


Due Process

USC 5th applies to FD & 14th applies to states provide gov't shall NOT take a person's life, liberty, or property w/o due process of law. DP contemplates fair process/procedure such as fair trial, which requires at least an opportunity to present objections to the proposed action to a FAIR, NEUTRAL decision maker. NO double jeopardy.


substantive due process

if it involves fundamental rights, strict scrutiny test applies. Otherwise, rational basis applies.


procedural due process

extends to private organizations exercising quasi-public functions (i.e. professional orgs).


searches and seizures

express guarantee under FLC, must be construed in conformity with SCOTUS' interpretation of the 4th amend. Search warrant requires probable cause and sworn affidavit with specificity.


pretrial release and detention

right to bail. exception: capital offenses or crime punishable by life, if probability of guilt is great; or threat to public safety or integrity of judicial system.


prosecution for crime

capital crimes require grand jury indictment; other felonies can be either GJ or prosecution information. Juveniles: charged with an act of delinquency; bench trials; can be tried as an adult upon request of state or Def demand.


excessive punishment

NO excessive fines, cruel or unusual punishment, forfeiture of estate, indefinite imprisonment, unreasonable detention of witnesses. NO death penalty for mentally challenged or for those 16 or younger at time crime was committed.


rights of accused

information of nature and cause of accusation, copy of charges, compulsory attendance of witnesses, confront accusers, counsel, testify or not, speedy and public trial in county where crime was committed, fair trial and jury selection (no preemptory challenges for exclusion based on race). These rights are WAIVED IF NOT DEMANDED.


victim rights

(or vic representative) to be informed, present, heard at all crucial stages, but NOT interfere w/ accused constitutional rights.


access to courts

the courts shall be open to every person for redress of injury, and justice shall be administered w/o denial or delay. If legislature abolishes a cause of action or restricts one's access to the courts: a reasonable alternative MUSt be provided UNLESS there is a compelling necessity for abolition AND NO alternative method of meeting the public necessity can be established.


Trial by jury

exists for criminal proceedings and for civil proceedings where right was established by original FLC. NO right for civil commitment, eminent domain, or equitable proceedings.


number of jurors

6 member juries; except capital cases get 12 member juries.


right to privacy

FLC expressly grants; requires strict scrutiny, compelling state interests, and least restrictive means. (i.e. med treatment, pregnancy, parental rights). FLC allows parental notification before minor's abortion if judicial process of waiver is available. Women have right to abortion, but no obligation on state to pay for service.


sunshine law

access to public records and meetings. Every person has right to access, inspect, copy public records; public meetings must be open and require notice to the public. Exemptions: permitted if: 1-law states a public necessity justifying the exception, and 2-law is no broader than necessary to accomplish the state purpose.


taxpayers bill of rights

legislature must provide to all taxpayers by law


limitation contingency fees in medical liability cases

30% of first $250k; 10% if over $250k; excluding reasonable costs


executive branch

governor, lt. governor, and cabinet. Must all be 30 years old and FL residents for preceding 7 years.



limited to 2, 4-year terms; runs on ticket w. lt. gov. except in primary elections; presides over cabinet.


governor duties

ensures laws are faithfully executed, commissions all officers; & transacts state business. MUST give recommendations at each legislative regular session. May activate militia, initiate judicial proceedings against officers, sign death warrants, request advisory opinion from FLSC, exercise limited clemency power, make appointments for vacancies (if elected office, remainder less than 28 months or otherwise provided by FLSC).


Lt. Gov

performs duties assigned by gov and may become acting governor if gov is impeached/incapacitated



1-AG, member of FL Bar; 2-CFO; 3-Commissioner of agriculture. If tie vote between Cabinet & Gov, Gov wins.